Source of school odor still uncertain

May 28, 1998|By DAVE McMILLION

School officials still are not sure what has caused odors last week at Marshal Street School.

School officials said the smell may have been caused by a roofing job next door, although they were not sure.

School Principal Gary Hollandsworth said Tuesday the odors could have come from the roofing job or a large sewer vent near the school.

But the sewer vent has been ruled out as a cause and the roofing job is considered the source, said Tony Suranno, safety specialist at the Washington County Board of Education.

To control the problem, school officials have decided to pump fresh air into the school in the morning before the roofing job starts, said Suranno.


During the day, fresh air vents will be closed to keep odors out, Suranno said.

Suranno said he hopes the school can get by with the plan until the roofing job is completed, which could be Friday.

The school is for elementary special education students.

School officials first reported the problem early last week. The smell was detected again Friday, officials said.

None of the students experienced any complications, officials said.

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