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May 26, 1998

Web Recipes

Expand your recipe repertoire by exploring resources on the Internet

The World Wide Web has become an easily accessible, user-friendly resource for the masses. In fact, about 58 million adults in the U.S. and Canada use the Internet today, according to the latest data from Nielsen Media Research, with an annual growth rate of 32 percent.

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Unlike cookbooks, Web sites constantly are updated with new information, seasonal recipes and more. For example, the Sargento Foods Web site customizes its offerings to your interest - whether it's beat-the-clock meal solutions or shape-conscious cuisine. Peppered throughout are fresh seasonal ideas for cheese, colorful recipe photos and a calendar of unique food celebrations across the country.

Log onto each week for new pork recipes, menu suggestions and helpful tips. The National Pork Producers Council's site allows you to peruse hundreds of recipes featuring pork.


You'll find the ABC's of pork, answering frequently asked questions about nutrition and preparation.

In a pinch for dinner tonight? Uncle Ben's Web site comes to your rescue with recipes from the What's In Your Cupboard? section, using the ingredients you have on hand. You can even e-mail a favorite recipe to a friend.

Interactivity is another advantage Web sites have over conventional culinary resources. Take the Nutri-Test at Uncle Ben's site to receive a nutritional analysis and personalized tips. The Sargento site has a Calcium Counter and other quick quizzes to test your food and nutrition knowledge. And the pork site features a food safety quiz and an interactive Climb the Food Guide Pyramid game for kids.

Start your adventure here with a taste of popular online recipes. Layered Pork Fajita Salad makes a festive, casual meal. Or try Pork Tenderloin Diane, Italian Vegetable and Bean Rice Salad and Shrimp Pesto Pizza: all online favorites.

Bookmark your favorite sites for a continual feast of information.


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