Sine bashed in candidates' forum

April 23, 1998|By AMY WALLAUER

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Berkeley County Circuit Clerk Virginia Sine kept her composure at a candidates' forum Wednesday night when her abilities were questioned by opponent Nancy Burkhart.

Of the 24 candidates for county and state offices who spoke at the forum sponsored at the Berkeley County Youth Fairgrounds, Burkhart was the only person to criticize an opponent.

"I am running against an incumbent and I have to get those issues out now. I can't wait for the general election," Burkhart said after the forum.

In her three-minute speech, Burkhart, a Democrat, questioned Sine's ability to handle a computerized office.

"This office must be prepared to move forward into the 21st century," Burkhart said.

Burkhart also suggested that the state Supreme Court brought in an administrator to run the office.

Sine didn't acknowledge the comments in her speech and stuck to her prepared statement.

"I wouldn't go into it because I signed the fair campaign forms," Sine said after the forum.


Sine said the professional administrator was part of a statewide pilot program, which was discontinued.

Republican Penny Parsons said she can keep up with changing technology.

"I certainly don't want to bash Virginia Sine for the job she's done for the last six years," Parsons said. "What I'm simply stating in my campaign is that sometimes with a change of technology, there has to be a change within."

Republican candidate Don Shoemaker echoed Parsons' statements, suggesting the office take advantage of technology.

The primary election is May 12.

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