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CRS buying four new ambulances

April 21, 1998|By STEVEN T. DENNIS

Community Rescue Service will buy four new ambulances to replace four aging ambulances, CRS President Ron Horn said Monday.

The cost of replacing the four ambulances is about $390,000, or about $100,000 per ambulance.

The ambulances to be replaced had logged from 88,000 miles to more than 100,000 miles.

Horn said the chassis of the older ambulances have been rebuilt once, and that the wear and tear on the vehicles exceeds their mileage because ambulances spend many hours idling.

"They're at the point at which they need to be disposed of," Horn said.

CRS also has two ambulances that were purchased in 1996, for a total of six.

Horn said he hopes the new ambulances are delivered in time for the opening of CRS' new $1.4 million station on Eastern Boulevard, probably in August.

CRS has applied for a $100,000 loan from the Washington County Fire and Rescue Revolving Loan Fund to help pay for the cost of the ambulances. The loan would have a 3 percent interest rate and be repaid over five years.


The new ambulances will include a new electronic power management system, Horn said. The system will help prevent the ambulances' batteries from draining while the vehicles are idling by selectively turning off some of the ambulance strobe lights.

CRS responds to 7,000 calls a year, or about 20 per day, Horn said.

Horn said the rescue service plans to start a capital campaign soon to help pay for the new station and for the ambulances.

Anyone wishing to donate to the service may call CRS at 301-733-1112.

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