Reduce the risk of being raped

April 20, 1998

There are several precautions that can be taken to reduce the chances of becoming a rape victim:

At home:

  • Never open doors to strangers. Instead, offer to make a phone call while the person waits outside.

  • Check the identification of sales and service people who come to your door. Never hesitate to phone their main office for verification.

  • Install a 1-inch deadbolt and peephole in your door and use them.

  • Turn on the lights and keep the shades drawn at night. If you are away, use a timer for your lights.

  • Don't list your first name on your mailbox or in the phone book.

  • Never give your address to a stranger who phones.

Away from home:

  • Walk confidently and at a steady pace.

  • Carry a whistle or keys in your hand.

  • Avoid being alone in isolated areas such as laundries or parking garages.

In a car:

  • Park in a well-lit area. Keep doors locked when car is parked and while driving.

  • Before getting to your car have your keys ready. Check the seats and floors before entering.

  • If your car breaks down, put on the hazard lights and raise the hood. Get back in the car and stay there with doors locked until help from the police arrives. If a stranger stops to help, roll the window down slightly and ask them to alert the police.

  • If an unmarked car attempts to pull you over, put on your hazard lights to acknowledge them and drive to a safe, well-lit, populated area before stopping.

Source: CASA, Inc.

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