Jordy may come home this week

April 20, 1998|By AMY WALLAUER

WASHINGTON - Jordy Carper may be coming home this week after nearly one month at a Washington, D.C., hospital for a collapsed lung and an infection.

From his hospital room on Sunday night, Jordy said he was looking forward to sleeping in his own room.

"I'm breathing OK," Jordy said. "I'm not feeling sick at all."

He's had enough of hospital food, too.

"I'm not too crazy about it," he said, just before diving into his favorite Chinese dish, orange chicken. "It's pretty bad."

The 11-year-old Hedgesville, W.Va., boy who received a double-lung transplant in June has been hospitalized since April 2 at Children's National Medical Center.


The fifth-grader, who has cystic fibrosis, had the rare transplant in Los Angeles. He returned to school in January, but left at the end of February after a spot was found on his lung.

Jordy planned to return to school in April, but began having trouble breathing on April 2 and was taken to the hospital.

Doctors found a virus in his bloodstream. After two weeks of medication, Jordy is talkative and ready to go home.

Jordy's mother, Melissa Carper, said doctors told her he could be home sometime this week.

"We hope so. He's still having trouble walking. He suffered several mini-strokes when he was really sick," Carper said. "Other than that, he's doing very good."

Jordy's also eating well, as long as it isn't hospital food.

"We get McDonald's and we do Chinese, we do all those things," Melissa Carper said.

Melissa Carper and her family say Jordy's recovery has a lot to do with the community's support and prayers.

"I really, truly believe in prayer because it got us through the transplant and this time, too," Carper said. "It was only a few days after everyone found out that he started to improve."

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