Dogs sniff for drugs in school

April 18, 1998|By RICHARD F. BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Three state police drug-sniffing dogs checked lockers at Waynesboro Area Senior High School Friday morning but came up empty.

"They didn't find anything and I'm glad they didn't," said Waynesboro Police Chief Glenn R. Phenicie, who coordinated the investigation at the request of Principal Larry Bricker.

Bricker said he wanted the dogs brought in "to send a clear message to the students and their parents that we won't tolerate drugs in school, to show them that we're willing to take steps."

Bricker said while there is no evidence that drug use among students is any higher this year than in other years, administrators are paying attention to student rumors that it may be up.


He said his feelings about coming up empty in Friday's check is mixed.

"On one hand, I'm glad we didn't find any, but on the other I would hope students are sophisticated enough not to hide drugs in their lockers. It might have been better if we found one or two, then we could have set an example."

Phenicie said state police supplied three dogs. Their handlers were assisted by Waynesboro and Washington Township officers. The searches began at 8:12 a.m., at the beginning of the first class period, and was complete at 8:55 a.m., before the class ended.

The chief said the investigation was announced to students over the public address system, then all classroom doors were locked.

Phenicie said school administrators can open a student's locker at any time, but police can't without a warrant.

He said that when a student is found with drugs in school, police are called in to make an arrest.

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