Mail Call

April 17, 1998

"Hi Mail Call. I really need your help. We have found in the middle of the road a piece of a manure spreader. We have it here at our house and we will not prosecute anybody although it could have caused a terrible accident. Leave your phone number in Mail Call and I will get back in touch with you and you can come and pick it up."

"I disagree with the person in Wednesday's Mail Call about it being the owner's fault that the black cat was hit on Willow Road. I also live on that road and most cars drive way too fast. It's not an airstrip, it's a road with a speed limit that most drivers ignore. Besides, cats and all animals love the outdoors and should be allowed to enjoy it without the risk of being smashed by flying automobiles. After all, it's a country road and not a busy city intersection. It could have been a child that was hit or aren't they allowed outside either?"


"Too often we take people for granted and their occupations. I never realized until recently how dedicated a baby sitter is to her siblings until I saw my daughter-in-law in action. She has to have the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of Samson. Just because she works from her home, she still spends eight hours a day counseling the three she cares for, the oldest being 3 years old. Not only does a good baby sitter have to have many qualifications but they and their home have to be checked out very carefully. Hat's off to you baby sitters who take care of other people's children so well leaving the parents at ease to go to work knowing that their children are in good hands."

"This is about people combing their hair as they drive. That's mild. I passed a pickup truck on Marsh Pike the other day and the gentleman driving had a newspaper on the steering wheel reading as he drove. I also heard about a lady who changed her baby's diaper as she drove but she was seen and stopped and given a ticket. These are the kinds of people that cause accidents."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm calling in concern as a fan who was at the Boonsboro/Catoctin game. I would just like to say to the young man that was playing shortstop for Boonsboro, that he did a great job by ignoring the coach for Catoctin that made a jerk out of himself by coming around to the side of the dugout and yelling at you and calling you a punk just because he was thrown out of the game. Come on coaches, you are to set examples for our young athletes but instead this young man set one for the coaches. Good job young man and you know who you are."

"I'm calling to see if anyone has a game by Milton Bradley called 'True Colors'? If you have it and would be interested in selling it, please call Mail Call and leave your phone number."

"Isn't it strange how politicians such as Bill Clinton and Ron Bowers become overly constituent-sensitive when they know that they are in trouble?"

"Hello Mail Call. Owning a gun isn't cool, it's my right as an American. I own a gun to protect my home. Sure, this right is abused by some as so are the other rights. Take freedom of the press. They will have you believe all gun owners are crazy and belonging to the NRA makes you some kind of radical or terrorist. Neither is true. And take freedom of speech. This is where the TV and movie producers teach our children and simple-minded adults that murdering someone with a gun is cool. The last two rights I've mentioned are abused more than any of the others. Take the second amendment away and the others will surely follow. Just ask the Nazi holocaust victims. Don't think it can't happen here because it can."

"This is for the person that said it's the rednecks who raise their kids to think having guns are cool. Well, all rednecks don't think that guns are cool and all rednecks don't have guns in their homes. Maybe the problem is the upbringing the children are receiving today through the parents, their home life, social situations, schools and the education and overall peer pressure. Maybe those are some things this individual can think about instead of labeling and stereotyping areas of people."

"Teacher pay raises. How is it that Washington County is ranked in the top 10 with test scores in the state of Maryland but ranks 23rd in pay scale? What's wrong with this picture? Oh - oops - it only takes $19,000 to keep an inmate in jail."

"Thank you Mail Call. I am a bus driver for the Smithsburg Middle and Senior High Schools and I wish our police person who was at the entrance directing traffic would please come back and help us out. I'm afraid that someone is going to get hurt or killed there. We really did appreciate your help but never took the time to say thank you, so we're saying it now and please come back."

"I'd like to say that I think it's a big joke the way the post office stays open to 11 and 12 o'clock to let the people bring in their taxes. It's a big joke and it just causes more tax money being wasted."

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