Mail Call

April 16, 1998

"Hey Mail Call, what happened to any coverage for the Washington County track meets? We've had numerous ones all season long and have not seen a newspaper person there, have not seen any photographers there, no pictures in the paper and no updates on the top ranking contenders. This is a big event in Washington County with a lot of our kids involved. Where have you been?"

"Yes Mail Call, I'm calling about Tommy Bowers in Smithsburg. When he was the Chief of Police in this town, this town was run like a clock. Everything and everybody in this town felt safe, they didn't even have to lock their doors and then the mayor brought in this other chief to town. Well, you will never be another Tommy Bowers I can tell you that because Tommy Bowers was always seen going up and down the streets and always seen doing his job. We have never seen this other chief doing anything but directing traffic. That's all he is - a traffic cop. Thank you Mail Call."


"Why in the world did the newspaper print that the new Task Force quits at 10 p.m. at night? Now all the criminals know what time to do things."

"I'd like to take the time to thank the state for the Rails to Trails Bike and Hike Path in Big Pool. I think it would also be nice if maybe they could, if possible, put in a pay phone."

"These so-called safety devices such as air bags are turning our cars into booby traps."

"In response to the person who wrote in regarding the Jo Dee Messina concert at Barracuda's the other day, the person mentioned that it would have been nice if WAYZ Radio would have been mentioned as the station that brought Jo Dee Messina to Hagerstown. Yes, it's very true but also don't forget that KISS Country 94.3 is bringing country music artist Tracy Lawrence to the Maryland Theatre on Saturday, May 2."

"We would like to wish Rev. Milton J. Russ Sr., a happy 82nd birthday from his wife Kitty, son Butch and daughter-in-law Peggy and grandchildren Scott and Gloria. We love you."

"Yes Mail Call, I'm calling for the lady who wants the Rugrats curtains. The Fingerhut catalog has them along with all the accessories that goes with them. Well - there's your answer - Fingerhut."

"As we near the year 2000 I think we ought to start a bit of debate to find out how we are going to say the year following 2000. Is it going to be twenty-o-one, twenty-o-two, twenty-o-three or is it going to be two thousand one, two thousand two? I, for one, think it should be twenty-o-one, twenty-o-two, twenty-twenty, twenty-twenty-two and so on. What does anyone else think about this? Let's find out."

"Hi, I'm looking for the girl in Boonsboro that bought the Aussie cat from Candace. I need for her to call me at 301-745-5270. It is very important."

"In Monday's paper in the Mail Call there was something that said should HIV be considered a debilitating disease and I say NO. And furthermore as a nurse, I say these people should be quarantined."

"This is to all the people on Belview Avenue who think they own the street and the parking spots in front of them. Don't you have anything better to do? Just be thankful that you have your health and quit complaining about people parking in 'your' spots. Thank you. A good neighbor."

"In response to the message on Tuesday, April 14 about teenagers driving. Maybe if they didn't have so many old people who couldn't see driving on the roads, there wouldn't be half as many accidents in the first place."

"For the person who called in about the Jaycees '70s party and as to where they could find tickets. It will be this Saturday at the Funkstown Fire Hall and you have to get your tickets in advance. Call 301-739-4955. It should be a lot of fun."

"Hi Mail Call. I just read in the paper where there was a legislation passed or a law or whatever, about insurance for children from low-income families and prenatal care for these mothers. I was just wondering if anybody out there knows anything about information of how to find out more about this or where you have to go or know a phone number to call or anything about this? This is a great thing and I could definitely qualify and maybe some others would to. If anyone has any information please call into Mail Call and let us know."

"If our country, our state and our county and city governments would spend the same amount of money for the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse as they do for arrests, incarceration and treatment after the fact, there would be a great reduction in the abuse as well as most all other types of criminal activity."

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