Trees to grace stretch of South Washington St.

April 16, 1998|By RICHARD F. BELISLE, Waynesboro

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - After a two-year absence, trees will soon return to a three-block stretch of South Washington Street from Baltimore Street to the VFW home.

A fierce storm in the summer of 1996 knocked down more than a dozen stately trees on both sides of the street.

Authorities attributed the destruction to wind shear.

"The trees took power, cable and telephone lines down with them," said Nate Bacon, chairman of the Greencastle Tree Commission.

The commission has secured a $1,600 matching grant from the Pennsylvania Urban Forestry Council, Bacon said. The borough will put up a match of either cash or in-kind services, he said.

That could include borough crews tearing out the stumps of the downed trees and digging holes for the new ones, he said.


Area nurseries will be asked to make bids on the planting project, Bacon said.

Homeowners on the street are being contacted to see if they want a tree in front of their property. Space restrictions, such as power lines, will determine whether they can get dwarf varieties or taller trees like maples, oaks and pines.

Bacon said the trees will be planted on homeowners' property rather than in the sidewalks.

Bacon said about 30 trees will be planted.

"We're calling on any property where we can plant a tree. It won't necessarily be where a tree fell," he said.

The trees will be about 6 feet tall when planted, he said. Planting will begin next month, he said.

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