Mail Call

April 13, 1998

"Just when you think everyone has stopped talking about Smithsburg, Tommy Bowers and Mickey Myers, along comes the Smithsburg page in the paper and there it is again. We the people here in Hagerstown, are sick and tired of listening to Smithsburg's stupid little petty problems and as far as Tommy Bowers, I wouldn't vote for him if he was the last candidate in the world."

"I'm calling in about the front page story on Wednesday, April 8, regarding 'Singer Shares Spotlight with Young Fan.' I think it's great that The Herald-Mail covered the fact that we had a number one artist, country artist, in Hagerstown by the name of Jo Dee Messina at Barracuda's Bar, but it would have been really nice also if in addition to the heartwarming story of the young man who Jo Dee spent some time with, if you would have mentioned the fact that it was WAYZ Radio that brought Jo Dee to town that night. They have been doing a great job of getting a lot of good artists to come to this area so that country music fans don't have to travel to Baltimore, D.C., or even farther to see their favorite singers. It would be nice if The Herald-Mail would be kind enough to give that information out as well to the readers that it's WAYZ Radio that's helping us get a lot of these acts. They're doing it for our area and giving country music fans exactly what they want."


"Once again I guess Mayor Myers has had a lapse in memory. The public forums for candidates was never held as a part of government involvement. It was originally planned by the Jaycees and then by groups of interested volunteers in the town who organized the public forums entirely on their own. On volunteer time and not on public time."

"Should HIV be considered a debilitating disease and gain special attention under the Americans with Disabilities Act?"

"The address for the World War II Memorial Fund is P.O. Box 96766, Washington, D.C. 20090-6766."

"This is in reference to the dairy bill. If it is ever passed and the consumers go to the grocery stores to buy something, any dairy products, don't go blaming the grocery stores for the price increases. Blame your delegates in Annapolis."

"Yeah. I want to thank Bob and Dennis from WAYZ Radio for the great country night with Jo Dee Messina. We've been going to all of them and WAYZ always does a great job but this one was the best."

"Yes, Mail Call. I'd just like to say that I'm sick and tired of reading these stories in the paper about women being assaulted. I sympathize with these women but the majority of these stories say that these women got into a vehicle with a man that she had just met and didn't know in the first place. If these women would stay out of the bars and quit accepting rides with people they don't know, then maybe this kind of thing wouldn't be happening. And yes, by the way, I am a woman."

"I called to challenge anyone from the City Council or within the city to advise us of why taxes have to be raised when according to the paper report they are going to be saving $4 million this year from us going from a $77 million budget to a $73 million budget and that a $4 million savings. But I guess my comments are not good enough to make Mail Call since I'm not calling in about being a yellow blonde, here's my phone number or anything like that. I'm calling in about something to do with the city and the people that live here. Tell us why the taxes need to be raised if we're going to be saving $4 million."

"I'd like to thank whoever it was that found my daughter's pink Winnie the Pooh hat in the Paradise Church Drive development and it was very thoughtful of you to put it in our mailbox. We love that hat. Thank you very much and I'd like to know who you are. If you could leave a response and just let us know we would really appreciate it. Thank you again."

"Hello. I'd like to address the person that hates daylight-saving time. I think they can go to the Washington County Hospital and get a free psychological evaluation. I think they need it."

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