Mail Call

April 10, 1998

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"In last night's paper somebody wanted the address of Roman's. It's P.O. Box 8360, Indianapolis, Indiana 46283-8360 and the phone number is 1-800-436-0800."

"On April 7 there was a picture of the Public Square in Hagerstown back in 1910. I think it looked better then than it does now."


"Good morning Mail Call. I'm trying to find the owner of some men's prescription glasses in a brown case. We found them about four weeks ago at the corner of Sherman and Ringberry Road. We've advertised on the radio station but no one has answered. If you have lost these glasses please leave your phone number in Mail Call and we will be glad to return them to you. They look like expensive glasses so someone has lost a nice pair of glasses and we would like to return them to the owner. Please call Mail Call. Thank you."

"Hi Mail Call. I have a child's sweater that I am unable to finish knitting and I was wondering if someone does that sort of thing? My number is 301-582-4091. Thank you."

"I see the three people running for the mayor of Smithsburg and two of them, Slick and Bowers, are not going to show up at the debate. Hey Bowers, do you have something to hide? This was supposed to be your day to tell everybody what went wrong. Mayor Myers looks like she's the only person really interested in being the mayor of Smithsburg."

"I was wondering if the new side air bags that they are planning to come out with will protect the head and neck or will they break the head and neck?"

"This is for the person that picked up the prescription bifocal glasses at the table at the post office. Those glasses were purchased with funds from the Community Action Council for a person that could not afford glasses. Please call 301-733-5641 if you've retrieved these glasses and you plan on returning them. If you don't plan on returning them, I guess you needed them more than the person that lost them. It's incidents like this that renew my faith in my fellow human beings. Thanks a lot Hagerstown."

"In reply to the person complaining about daylight-saving time being only for sports fanatics. Think again. Really this was created for the hard working guy who comes home and has to cut the grass or work in the garden. It gives him more time to do these things than just loafing and playing sports and etc. Anyway, why are you so upset over a hour's difference in the time each day?"

"This is for the driver that hit my black cat on Willow Road this past Sunday and you know who you are. I think it's unforgivable. The least you could have done was to stop and admit to what you did. Well, you didn't kill him right away and let me assure you that he did suffer. He has a messed up eye, his top jaw was fractured and his bottom jaw was crushed beyond repair. He would have never been able to eat again so he had to be put asleep. Whoever you are, I hope this creates a vivid picture that you see everytime you sit down to a meal or when you try to go to sleep at night. Hopefully your rest will be just as haunted as mine has been."

"Yes. I was just responding about all the angry ads you guys have in the Mail Call from people such as the person who called about the daylight-saving time. Now that's really a reason to dislocate someone's shoulders. Someone that has that much hate must really have something wrong with them. Thanks Mail Call."

"I can't believe Joe Slick is running for mayor again. He lost by a landslide the last time which was about eight years ago or so. But you know what? With Myers and Bowers running, he just might have a chance this time because nobody wants those two as mayor. You go Joe."

"I was calling about the person who left the message about the Jaycees 1970s party on April 18. I went there two years ago and I was wondering if someone could call and let me know where I can get tickets to go again this year? Thank you."

"I just attended the Smithsburg mayor and council meeting and I think it was a terrible thing when Tommy Bowers verbally attacked two town employees reducing them to tears so that they had to leave the meeting. Thank you."

"I agree with Tommy Bowers. I'm so upset that they put the protocol of the forum on the Smithsburg letterhead. I think they should have put it on Boonsboro or Clear Spring letterhead. I just won't be able to sleep tonight!"

"Yeah. I was wondering if there's anybody out there that knows where I can get a one-eighteenth scale of Dale Earnhardt's Wheaties car. It was made by Action. Thank you."

"We would like to wish Ray and Angie a very happy 3rd anniversary. Love, mom and dad."

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