Mail Call

April 09, 1998

"Would someone explain to me why the fifth grade teachers at Conococheague Elementary School can punish good students for the acts of a few bad students? The fifth-graders at this elementary school will not be taking their annual Washington, D.C., field trip this year and if anyone knows why, please call and leave a message. Thank you."

"Hello. I'd like to take this time to make a request. If The Herald-Mail is going to insist on printing a newspaper on Easter Sunday, it would be of great importance if one of the following suggestions were done. 1) Step up production time by at least two hours so the carriers can have their papers earlier and get them done or 2) have a flexible delivery deadline for the paper delivery. One way might be to use the weekday afternoon delivery time of 5 p.m. By using either one of these suggestions, this will enable the carriers to attend Easter Sunrise Services. The present system of 'business as usual' prevents many carriers from attending these services and this is really a shame."


"Many people are asking the question - why do children kill children? After 30 years of liberal social engineering is it any wonder?"

"Now that you have the speeders in check on Hamilton Boulevard, we'd wish that you'd do something about the speeders on Haven Road along with the loud playing of the boomboxes. Thank you."

"Here's our telephone number - 301-733-8840. We will take any kind of fabric for making comforts and clothing at our sewing circle for foreign countries. Thank you for what has already been given."

"This is for the lady that wanted the number to Roman's. It's 1-800-436-0800. I'm sure if you call their number they will send you one of their catalogs. Thank you."

"I would like to know if there's anyone that calls into Mail Call that is not a senior citizen? Thank you."

"Hi Mail Call. I'd like to know why the price of milk is so expensive when the cows are giving it away for free? Thank you."

"Hi Mail Call. I never thought that I would call you but after one more time again of having my mailbox painted and destroyed and after we have spent hundreds of manhours making entirely new ones to put back out like so many people have seemed to have done this year, I find myself making this call. To whoever the low-lifes are that don't have anything better to do than to spray paint or beat and destroy something that is actually against the federal law, to all those people out there, I wish you'd find some good, honest, solid work to do because I'm really tired of replacing the mailbox - again - for about the sixth time this past year. And when you call the law they say there's nothing they can do. This is ridiculous for hardworking people that abide by the law. Thank you Mail Call. I feel better now."

"Yes. To WAYZ and Barracuda's Surf Bar in Hagerstown I wanted to say thank you for bringing Jo Dee Messina to Hagerstown. It was a great show. We went last night, my wife and I, and we had a great time. Jo Dee was great. Thank you."

"Hi Mail Call. I need some help. If there is anyone out there that knows the 1-800 number for the IRS in Baltimore, I'd appreciate it if you would please put it in Mail Call. I'm having trouble with my past employer and I need some questions answered. I have tried here in Hagerstown and can't get any results. Thank you."

"I agree 100 percent with the person that called in and made the comment about the $2 increase for cigarettes and the kids being able to buy them. This is not going to make a difference to these kids that are smoking. It will just make things a little bit worse. They will be stealing more now and other things to buy their cigarettes. It won't make a difference in them getting them though. Thank you."

"Yes. I'd like to know if the Goodwill is considering a drop-off site in Hancock now that they have closed its Goodwill center? It will be a lot easier for us to drop our things off at the trash site than to run all the way up to the Berkeley Springs, W.Va., center. This is just something for them to think about. Thank you."

"For the person wanting the Success Cards. I have them for sale and my phone number is 301-790-2558. Thank you."

"I don't understand why they call it daylight-saving time when you just kick one hour off the bottom and tack it onto the top. You still have exactly the same number of daylight hours."

"I got a toaster for Christmas and I was wondering if any readers knew of any books out there that I might be able to get to explain the proper use of this toaster? Thank you."

"I just read in Mail Call where someone was wondering why Jerry Springer is not on any of the networks and I was wondering the same thing. I miss seeing him and this show is total entertainment. Please put it back on. Thank you."

"I would like to thank Mr. Bruce Zimmerman for not putting the new stadium in the city's proposed budget. Since the mayor and council is raising taxes, how could we afford it? By the way, what ever happened to the $2.5 million the mayor and council was going to waste on that new stadium? Could it be used to prevent the raising of taxes? What do you think taxpayers? Thank you."

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