Schools to gain 75 jobs

April 08, 1998|By AMY WALLAUER

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - The Berkeley County Board of Education has approved a $64 million preliminary budget for the next year, which includes $1.8 million for about 75 new positions.

The budget is about $6 million higher than the current spending plan, due partially to staffing increases for Potomack Intermediate School, set to open in the fall, and all-day kindergarten, said James Welton, assistant superintendent for Berkeley County Schools.

"We normally increase 20 to 30 positions for normal growth, but we're also instituting all-day kindergarten in four elementary schools in the northern end of the county, opening Musselman High School and Potomack Intermediate School."

Welton said he expects about 40 new teaching positions and 35 service positions.

The increase also provides money for about 12,000 new social studies textbooks - one for each student - and pay raises granted by the state for all of the 1,400 employees.


Berkeley County doesn't anticipate an increase in the school levy, Welton said.

"The funds we receive through the excess levy increase from normal growth each year anyway, so we had an increase of about $500,000 through that," Welton said.

The $3 million for pay raises and benefits are funded through the state.

Money for the new positions will come from a $675,000 increased-enrollment allocation for the next year and about $400,000 held over from the current budget, Welton said.

The difference will be taken from other areas of the budget, including utilities and substitute teachers, Welton said.

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