Mail Call

April 03, 1998

"I can't believe that the city's that stupid over these police lieutenants but I guess I can believe it. Those new sergeants that took over for the people that were promoted to lieutenant, now they're gonna get all the overtime. I just can't believe they're that stupid but that's our city for you. Just keep spending that money. If it was their money would they be spending it? I'd like to later on find out if these lieutenants put in as many hours now that they are on salary. I bet they put in their 40 and then they're home in bed."

"This is really for the editor and the publisher of the local paper The Daily-Mail, the evening paper actually. I feel as though I'm really wasting my money, throwing it away when you feature such articles as tattooing, tongue piercing and that distasteful article on Goth that was in Tuesday's paper. It seems to me that you are deliberately trying to make the local paper a just trash reporting and it will eventually get to the point where I will cancel my paper. I'm wasting my money spending it on that kind of garbage."


"The article in Wednesday's phone call accusing Roscoe 'the pearman' Bartlett of signing a petition to impeach Clinton is not even worth a refute. There has never been a vote or petition in the House on the subject but if Bubba is found guilty of perjury, which is lying under oath, they won't need Bartlett's vote to impeach him. They will have more votes than is needed on both sides of the aisle."

"Hey Mail Call, I go to yard sales and stuff and last year I went to one and bought some stuff and then this cop came around and said that my son stole it out of his son's car, which wasn't true. Now my son is serving one year and two months for this all because of that officer. He had no proof or anything in court. What's up with this?"

"Yeah. This is in response for the person looking for the children's wooden rocking chairs. They can buy them for about $60 over at The Cracker Barrel in Frederick off of I-270."

"I'm calling in response to the gentleman looking for the two blondes that were on the Dual Highway in a white vehicle. Was the vehicle a car, a truck or a jeep? It does make a difference. My friend and I were on the Dual Highway and we were both blondes and waving at cars."

"A few weeks ago the police broke up a teenage drinking party in the Maugansville area. How come this was never in the newspaper? If that would have been the West End you would never have heard the end of it. Think about it."

"Hello Mail Call. I'm calling in reference to the lady who was inquiring about the sweatshirts that were sold at the Market House craft show. Her number is 717-264-8582 and it's Carolyn's T-Shirt Shop in Chambersburg, Pa."

"I would like to wish Tonya Sue a happy birthday. I love you. Love, nanny."

"Mail Call, why can't the state of Maryland give a grant to the SPCA for a pre-spayed and neutered program if they are so interested in keeping the dog and cat population down?"

"Yes. There was a piece in the paper about someone looking for the sweatshirts. I was in the back in the craft room and there was someone out front selling them too. If you are looking for the one in the back, I'm there every Saturday."

"To the editor and the lack of space on the page for Letters to the Editor. Dump all those stupid cartoons. You know, Mallard Fillmore and Doonesbury. No one reads them anyway. And if you wouldn't have included that huge illustration and those big numbers you could have gotten at least five short letters or three semi-long ones. So with all this junk eliminated you could have gotten seven or eight more letters published just in Wednesday's paper alone. Think about it. And those long black lines you include - dump them, too. Dump the over-sized headlines and don't include the 'Write Us' block everyday. That's room for one more letter. Include that maybe once a week or only once every two or three weeks. If people don't know the address they will call or wait for it. And oh yes, take that stupid Youth Lifestyle page. It's been nothing but trash anyway for the last few months. Lots of letters could go on that page. Get rid of the Youth Lifestyle section and please use that. Letters are much, much more interesting. And please, please, please, please take a poll on eliminating the Introductions pages. Everyone I know hates them. Take them out please. Hope these suggestions help."

"I see in the paper where active firefighters are going to have to take a fitness test to stay on as active firefighters pay. Not a bad idea. Now that we have the 30-year retirement plan for volunteers, I think the powers to be need to publish the guidelines for this 30-year retirement plan and the means that they intend to monitor it."

"I'm reading the editorial in the Daily Mail on Wednesday, April 1, on the Editorial Opinion page where it states that you thought the Daily Mail's Mail Call section would cut down on the number of letters for the editorial page and it hasn't made a dent. Well, I think I can tell you why. You keep printing these stupid, stupid things that people are calling in rather than substantial thoughts from people who are concerned about things going on in the community. You'd rather put silly, silly stuff instead of things that are really important. I, myself have called in 2 letters concerning development in the Washington County area and not one has been printed. So you tell me, who really is looking at this problem?"

"I'm calling responding to the inquiry about the extra lighting that looked like a tube at the Home Show last year. It's called 'The Sun Tunnel' and it can be found at Master's Supply Company at 87 West Lee Street in Hagerstown. I'm sure that's what he is looking for."

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