Board scratches billiards parlor plan

April 02, 1998|By STEVEN T. DENNIS

The Washington County Board of Zoning Appeals voted 4-1 Wednesday to reject a special exception required for a billiards parlor and restaurant proposed for York Road on Halfway Boulevard.

The majority of the board sided with nearby residents, who had testified against the billiards parlor plan at a hearing two weeks ago. Opponents said their top concern was about plans to serve alcohol.

Hagerstown Billiards Inc., co-owned by brothers Jason and Gary Carbaugh, had applied for the special exception for a building known as The Village, which has housed an amateur radio shop and a piece goods shop.

The billiards parlor would have had 20 Brunswick Gold Crown pool tables. Food and beer would have been served.

The Carbaughs had said they wanted to attract families.

Chairman Harold Boyer voted to grant an exception for the project. Boyer said people's fears about a pool hall were not justified. Boyer said billiards has gone upscale and no longer is associated with "rowdyism" or "Wild West saloons."


Boyer said the property is zoned Business Local, which allows restaurants and taverns, both of which can serve alcohol.

Board member Robert C. Veil Jr. said the board should take into account the desires of the people in the neighborhood who would be most affected by the business.

He said a petition given to the board had about 120 signatures of people opposing the parlor, and that all of the residents who testified about the parlor were opposed.

Board members Donna Smith, Steve Swayne and Reno Powell agreed with Veil.

Veil said he saw no reason why a variance from parking requirements should be granted for the property.

Veil said a memo from Paul Prodonovich, the county's director of permits and inspections, calculated the parking requirements at 92 spaces, but only 59 spaces now exist.

Boyer said the applicants had stated they could construct as much additional parking as required to meet the ordinance.

The Carbaughs did not attend Wednesday night's meeting.

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