Mail Call

April 01, 1998

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I was wondering if anyone makes or knows of anyone who makes children's wooden rocking chairs? If so, please call into Mail Call with the information."

"We're getting into that time of year where we see a lot of spiders, ants, etc., in our homes and I was thinking about purchasing some of the electronic pest devices that you plug into your wall sockets. I was wondering if any of the readers out there had used them in the past or are using them now and if they feel they solve the problems real good? Please let me know about them. Thank you very much."


"Good evening Mail Call. This is in response to the article last week about the merchants complaining about fixing the streets downtown. Well, just a short time ago all the merchants were complaining because they needed to fix up downtown so people would want to go downtown. So now we spent all that money redoing downtown to make it beautiful and the governor is going to redo the streets and now they're complaining again. We can't seem to please these people. I think we need to stop trying to appease them and do what we think is best and not the merchants."

"I just read in today's paper where within six months to a year the Hagerstown City Police is going to be scrambling the channels on the scanners so that people can no longer pick them up. It's not bad enough that they've already got six channels, three of which you cannot pick anything up on but myself personally, like a lot of other people I now use them for protection. If something is going on in your neighborhood that shouldn't be going on, you know to get in your house and lock the doors and not to come out until it's over. But if they scramble the channels then we're not going to be able to use them for that. They can also help the police when the citizens know if they are looking for someone and they see them after getting a description over the scanner, so why scramble them? Why not let us listen to them? We've paid the money for them so why not let us get our money's worth out of them?"

"We just wanted to say that all kids in this world today are not bad. There are a lot of violent things going on but we are very proud of our three children and that they will grow into wonderful adults."

"I'd like to know where Roscoe Bartlett is hiding at since he signed that petition to impeach the president?"

"Hello Mail Call. This is an anonymous caller and I'm just calling in response to the front page of the C section in Monday's paper pertaining to the tongue piercing article. I get all my piercings done at Temple Art Tattooing and haven't had any problems with them yet. As long as you do them properly and know how to take care of them, you will not have a problem."

"I'm just calling in to say how much I enjoyed the craft show down at the Market House this past Sunday. If the lady selling the cardigans and sweatshirts would call Mail Call and leave her number I'd like to get in touch with her about purchasing some things. Thank you very much."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm answering a Mail Call in tonight's paper, March 30 stating that the people of Washington County voting all the County Commissioners back in because no one wants the job. No one is that nuts to even run. They get paid for what they are worth. Next year they should get nothing. Let their salaries go to all the debts they've made for the taxpayers of Washington County."

"Hello Mail Call. You've just got to print this. Today I was going down the Dual Highway and these two cute blondes were in a white car and the driver waved at a green car but then she pulled away and went down the highway before I could get her name or anything. So if you are reading this by any chance, please leave your number in Mail Call so I can get it. Thank you."

"Hello. I don't usually call in about The Herald-Mail's articles but once again The Herald-Mail has taken two teens who are apparently from Hagerstown and written an article about Goth lifestyle. Nothing that is in this article is true at all and they've made the Goth lifestyle look like a band of people portraying two high school students who think they know what's going on. The Herald-Mail needs to start doing some research on the subjects in which they are writing before they start publishing the articles because it makes people in Hagerstown think that certain lifestyles are idiotic and moronic. Thank you."

"Parents, make sure each time you give your child criticism you follow it up with words of encouragement and praise for all that child does that's right and good. Then when they grow up they will have a better chance of choosing right."

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