Four city officers earn their bars

March 31, 1998|By JULIE E. GREENE

by Ric Dugan / staff photographer

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Police PromotionsFour city officers earn their bars

Four Hagerstown City Police officers were promoted from sergeant to lieutenant Tuesday, a move expected to reduce overtime costs and create a clearer line of authority and accountability.

Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II swore in Margaret Kline, Charles Summers, Gary Spielman and Jack Moulton as lieutenants. About 50 family members, friends and co-workers attended the ceremony in the City Council chambers.

The promotion made Kline, 42, the department's first female lieutenant, said Eric Marburger, city personnel manager. In May 1974 she was the first woman to be hired by the department, and was the department's first female sergeant.


Previously, each of the three patrol shifts had four sergeants. Reclassifying four sergeants to lieutenants will provide for clearer lines of authority, said Police Chief Dale Jones.

As lieutenants, the four will no longer be eligible for overtime pay.

Kline and Summers earned more overtime pay than any other city police officers in fiscal year 1997 and were on pace to do the same this fiscal year.

Between July 1, 1996, and Dec. 31, 1997, Kline made $29,065 in overtime and Summers made $28,127. During that period, Spielman made $12,230 in overtime and Moulton made $16,581.

The four new lieutenants, who had annual salaries of $43,222 each as sergeants, will earn $48,333 a year at the higher rank, Marburger said.

The 12 percent salary increases will boost their retirement benefits, Marburger said. Because they won't collect overtime pay, the amount of money they take home probably will drop, he said.

"The money is inconsequential," said Summers, 41, who has been with the police force since January 1979.

With the reclassification come new assignments.

Summers, who was director of the Washington County Narcotics Task Force since July 1996, will leave the task force to supervise a patrol shift.

Sgt. Rick Johnson will replace Summers on the task force, Jones said.

Moulton, 39, and Kline, who supervised the department's community policing effort, will supervise patrol shifts.

Kline said she accepted the promotion for the challenge it offers. "Sometimes you can't equate the money," she said.

Spielman, 43, will become head of the criminal investigations division, Jones said.

Spielman said he was a narcotics investigator from 1981 to 1983.

Two officers, Detective Mark Renner and Jeff Morgan, rose in rank to sergeant to fill vacancies created by the promotions.

Renner's annual salary will increase from $35,400 to $39,185, Marburger said. Renner, 35, has been on the force for 16 years.

Jeff Morgan, 39, will move from $34,058 to $38,178 a year, Marburger said.

The transfers take effect on Monday, Jones said.

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