Academic contest sample question

March 28, 1998

Washington County high school students were tested with math problems and questions about science, history, English and current events at Saturday's Academic Team Championship.

Some samples of the questions students competing in the finals faced are:

- Ninety-two million is equal to 9.2 times 10 to what power?

The seventh power.

- In a swamp the flammable gas that bubbles up is most likely what?


- The Newberry Award for writing is given annually for the best book intended for which group of readers?


- What did the World War I initials "AEF" stand for?

American Expeditionary Force.


- Completely factor the following: 2(b cubed) - 32b.


- Which eastern Canadian city is its country's major ocean port?


- Multiply -5(x cubed) by -3x.

15(x to the fourth power).

- What Caribbean island country are Americans forbidden from traveling to or trading with?


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