Being yourself is the secret to being happy

March 27, 1998|By JUSTINA STEVENS

Justina Stevens

Let's think about something for a minute. If everyone in the world looked like everyone else, talked like everyone else and lived like everyone else, would we all be happy and get along with each other?

I don't know why I am thinking about these things. Perhaps it was because I recently watched a movie on the Sci-Fi Channel about a town overrun by clones.

I don't think we would be happy if we all were clones of each other. We might all get along because we would agree about everything. But everyone would probably get annoyed at everyone else for agreeing with everything.


To me, being an individual is what makes me happy. I like to watch certain things, dress in certain clothes and eat certain things.

I know that I wouldn't be happy if I did the same thing as everyone else. Life is fun when I can go out and try new things after I tire of doing things that I get used to.

I don't think many people understand how important being an individual is when you are growing up. Many kids want to wear what their friends are wearing and want to do what their friends are doing.

I remember doing that, but I also remember people asking me this: If a friend jumped off a cliff, would I jump after him?"

That didn't make much sense then, but it makes perfect sense now.

Be an individual and make yourself happy. That's all that is important in life besides being successful.

Justina is a sophomore at Hagerstown Junior College.

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