Thumbs up, thumbs down

March 26, 1998

To the late Shannon Wright, a 32-year-old Arkansas English teacher who died while shielding her students from a young sniper's murderous gunfire. A true hero.

To Cindy Eichelberger, for the work she did to save Washington County government $5,000 a year on the time spent processing phone bills, earning her Employee of the Year honors for 1997. Thanks, Cindy.

To all the "experts" trying to explain the Arkansas school shootings tragedy in a way that advances their own favorite causes, whether it be gun control or curbing violence on TV.

To skydivers who want to use Washington County's Regional Airport as a drop zone without paying the county any fees. Somebody's got to cover the cost of having an airport employee on hand to monitor what happens.


To the Berkeley County, W.Va., Commissioners and the Martinsburg Council, for agreeing to work together on issues of mutual interest, like the shortage of volunteer fire/rescue workers.

To the Clinton administration, which found Kathleen Willey's notes to the president in record time, but which still hasn't provided answers to the questions raised by Monica Lewinsky's multiple visits to the White House.

To Michael J. Cermak Jr., a Waynesboro, Pa. computer whiz who provides free technical advice to people who contact him on the Internet. He now gets 100 inquiries a day!

To the Maryland House pension subcomittee, for approving a bill to chop Hagerstown's pension debt by $2.5 million, going a long way toward righting the wrong inflicted on the city by pension system officials in a 1996 bill.

To the Jefferson County, W.Va. school board, for finding a way to give the system's employees raises without increasing the rate of the county's excess levy. Thanks.

To the Washington County Commissioners and the local school board, for holding a budget hearing in which neither accused the other of (either) throwing money away or not caring about schoolchildren. It's a nice start.

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