Letters to the Editor

March 20, 1998

Letters to the Editor

Highway malpractice

To the editor:

Recently the Washington County Commissioners and county engineers, hereinafter referred to as the "doctors," determined that bypass surgery was needed for Robinwood Drive, hereinafter referred to as the "patient." This surgery has been scheduled for five to 10 years from now, depending on which doctor you talk to.

The cost of this bypass surgery ranges anywhere from $3.67 million for the Harp Road artery to $10 million for the Whitehall Road artery. In addition to being extremely costly, these surgical options are affecting lives and close-knit communities and will surely lead to higher insurance premiums, or for the sake of this editorial, taxes.

The doctors have made their diagnosis and have said that the patient is suffering from congestion and if something is not done to remedy the situation, the patient could be afflicted with major blockages.


Consultations with the doctors have resulted in a different surgical option being thrown on the operating table every week, the latest being the Whitehall Road option.

Where the doctors pulled this one from, we'll never know. One has to first ask himself/herself, where is the money for these surgical procedures coming from, and then why is this surgery really needed? I believe the major cause of the patient's bad health is that it's suffering from over development, hereinafter referred to as "cholesterol." The cholesterol that is attacking this area is at the root of not only this patient's problem, but many other ailments that we see throughout this county. The doctors need to do their job and place the patient on a cholesterol-free diet immediately, if not sooner.

This cholesterol is responsible for coming into our towns and communities, building and profiting and leaving behind congested highways and streets, overcrowded schools, urban sprawl and increased crime rates.

Steve and Donna Brown


Maryland Theatre goes all-out

To the editor:

I would like to thank the Maryland Theatre for its continued generosity in providing Potomac Center with discount tickets to many wonderful programs. Thanks to your kindness, we have attended such great performances as Wizard of Oz, Sound Of Music, ballet recitals, etc.

You have gone out of your way to make special arrangements and accommodations for us. In addition, we appreciate the fact that you keep us aware of all upcoming activities and events. Our individuals truly appreciate attending these performances.

Thank you again for your continued support and kindness.

Vicki A. Eccard

Acting Volunteer Coordinator

Potomac Center

Caring home

To the editor:

Your story in The Herald-Mail on Feb. 22, about the Osborne Family Funeral Home did not say enough about the Osborne Family.

We lost our child, Jonathan Michael Berger on Jan. 15. Words cannot express how Scott and Craig took care of us. Jonathan had died unexpectedly that morning and that afternoon we were at Osborne's. Scott greeted us at the door and you could feel and see the compassion and hurt he had for us.

We then went to a room that was not businesslike but very cozy and warm and that is where we met Craig. Craig was just as caring and devoted as his brother had been. The Osbornes made many trips to our home so that we didn't have to leave our family.

However, their compassion did not end there. Jonathan's viewing was on Sunday and was very large. Scott kept coming and checking on us to see how we were holding up and if we needed anything. This meant the world to us. We never left the funeral home until 10:40 p.m. The Osbornes never rushed us but continued to comfort us. The day of the funeral, Scott and Craig both were there for us. Their job was done very professionally but the human emotional side that they showed to us is not describable with words.

Again, the article was great, but Osborne Funeral Home has not only the professionalism but the love and compassion you need during this time.

Darrell and Paula Berger

Falling Waters, W.Va.

Helping children prepare for life

To the editor:

Your Feb. 21 article entitled "Report indicates students have extensive health needs" by Herald-Mail staff writer Dave McMillion was an important article that requires the attention of all citizens of Washington County.

County health officer Robert Parker, and the director of student services for Washington County schools Martha Roulette are accurate in their assessments about the health needs of students in Washington County. Particularly disturbing was the number of crisis intervention services required.

The Mental Health Center has long sought to provide services in schools. In fact, we are serving approximately 11 schools this year. Unfortunately though, due to the de-funding of grants and implementation of managed care, the level of services the Mental Health Center can provide has been greatly diminished.

I believe that every citizen recognizes the importance of having children who are able to successfully perform in schools as they prepare to become healthy and successful adults of the future. I am encouraging the community to develop ways to support and fund expansion of health care services to school-age children.

If any reader has a suggestion they may write me at The Mental Health Center, 401 East Antietam Street, Hagerstown, Md., 21740.

Mark R. Lannon LCSW-C

Executive Director

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