Thumbs up, thumbs down

March 15, 1998

To Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Routzahn, for his rescue of a female gunshot victim. He took action without knowing whether the shooter was still on the scene.

To Smithsburg Mayor Mildred "Mickey" Myers, for challenging dismissed police chief (and mayoral candidate) Tommy Bowers to a no-holds-barred debate. Leave the lawyers home and let us know all the facts.

To Maryland Del. John Donoghue, for pressing ahead with his bill to make health-maintenance organizations consider something else besides the bottom line.

To Washington County hunters who donated 74 deer - 3,700 pounds of meat - to Hunters Feeding the Hungry, an organization that links hunters with food banks and other groups which ensure that the poor don't go hungry.


To the Town of Sharpsburg, which is still fighting a local restaurant who wants a sign in front of his business. We can't believe zoning prohibits signs of any kind.

To all of the metro-area Maryland legislators and grocery lobbyists who mouth concern for dairyfarmers, then vote against the one measure that would help them get more for their product. Rural areas get the shaft again.

To students at Smithsburg High School, for their ambitious plan for a wall sculpture as a memorial to Charas Heurich, a student who died in a car wreck last November.

To Carl and Velma Shafer, 90 and 89 respectively, for their 15 years of service at Hagerstown's Adventist Community Center, which they helped found to provide food, clothing and other household goods to the needy.

To Councilmember Wallace McClure, for his plan to have fellow council members scan newspapers from other cities for ideas Hagerstown might use.

To the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health administration, for canceling a hearing concerning the death of Ronald L. Jones Jr., of Hagerstown without letting his family know in advance.

His grieving kin deserve better.

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