South skits called 'awesome'

March 13, 1998


Staff Writer

Staff at South Hagerstown High School taught a cumulative lesson in laughter Thursday night in a humorous stage show dubbed "Puttin' on the Skitz."

The faculty talent show in the school auditorium was the first in 21 years, held to benefit a new school scholarship fund. The public was invited, but the crowd of about 300 was mostly students.

The show will go on again tonight, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

"Awesome" was the way student Bonnie Melvin, 17, described the first half of the show during intermission.

Staff members sang, played trumpets and did stand-up comedy and the Electric Slide. Guidance counselor Mary Ann Foltz did a piece from "Gypsy," followed by social studies teacher Mike Priest's serious rendition of "Amazing Grace." He accompanied himself on the dulcimer.


The only act that layed an egg - literally - was the "Concerto for Chickens."

The show was periodically interrupted by a mysterious pink bunny who got the goat of physical education teacher Quay Scott, a stand-up comic bag lady.

Students Roxann Myers and Sherry Hurley, both 17, came to see teachers they said were funny in class. "It ought to be hilarious," Myers said.

At intermission, she said she wasn't disappointed. She was especially impressed with the performance of life skills teacher Carolyn Walker as a member of "The Supremes."

Hurley thought the chickens were "fantastic."

Bonnie Melvin was tickled pink by the rabbit, science teacher Ron Busey, the chickens and the Electric Slide. "I think it's really neat," she said of the show. "They ought to do it twice a year."

Melvin's mother Kathy Henson was also impressed. "I think it's neat they have the nerve to go up and do that," she said. "It took a lot of courage. I went to Catholic school. I'm used to seeing nuns."

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