Mail Call

March 13, 1998

"I just saw where some people are protesting against that development of the land out by the mall. Imagine that - people protesting something new in Washington County!"

"I'm a 12-year-old and I read in Mail Call that someone wanted to sell paperback books. Please call in and let me know how much you want for them because I'm interested."

"We'd like to wish our father a happy birthday from his daughters Angie and Tammy."

"This is to Tommy. I want to wish him a happy birthday, a sweet sixteenth birthday. Love, Nanny."

"The biggest scam going on in this area are the companies that are keeping people on as temporaries for years. Temporaries should mean just what the word implies - temporary. I think it's wonderful that a company can hire a temporary for a couple of months to help them get through a busy period but as it is, there are people working long periods of time, some of them for years, with no benefits and the employment agencies are getting part of their pay. To me, I think this is a disgrace and our senators and the labor board should look into this and put a limit on how long someone can be a temporary at a company."


"An overdue thank you to Zion's Baptist Church for the Valentine's Day dinner that they brought me and others on Feb. 14. It was a special treat for me since that is also my birthday. Thank you. Eva."

"The County Commissioners did it again. They paid a consultant to tell them what any accountant, any bank or homeowner could have told them. Lower your debt by refinancing. Another few thousand dollars well spent."

"To the lady who's looking to get rid of the paperback books. Barnwood Books on Potomac Street across from the library will take them from you."

"My recommendation for making Washington County a better place to live would be to first of all to get a second newspaper. Secondly, get a second hospital and thirdly, get five new county commissioners."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm calling in to the lady for letting me know that her son got the money that I sent for him to get a new tackle box. There are so many dishonest people that take advantage of ads like that and I was so concerned if he had gotten the money or not. I felt so sorry for him and that he had his box stolen after he worked so hard for it. I wasn't really bothered about you thanking me. I'm happy that he got his new box. I'm the kind of person who likes to give and I'm very happy that I made him happy. I hope he catches a lot of fish with his new things and may our Lord bless you both. My love to you both also. Love, Jane. Thank you Mail Call."

"Would someone please tell the local TV station to turn up its power. I think its trying to save electricity. Every time the morning news comes on you have to turn your TV set up loud. Normally if you're on another channel you have to turn the TV set down but when you change it to the local station, you have to turn up the power and when that weatherman talks you can't hear what he's saying. Tell him to speak out."

"To the person that called in about why they couldn't get someone else to run for mayor in Smithsburg. Well, who wants to? Look at what they've done to Mayor Myers and all that she's done for Smithsburg. All she gets is smudge slapping people and anyone that is that strong of a person to run for something more important than the mayor of Smithsburg."

"Hello Mail Call. I'm a resident of Smithsburg and in the last election I voted for Mayor Myers and what a mistake that was. I also supported Tommy Bowers when he was fired. I think Tommy is a good person and I thought he was a good police chief, however, I do have some doubts about him being our mayor. I would vote for Councilman Slick for mayor because he's been involved with the council for many, many years. So come election day, I do hope I have a better choice."

"Tommy Bowers isn't the only one suing the town of Smithsburg and the mayor and council and Tommy Bowers know all about it. Even the police department of Smithsburg is going to be sued along with the mayor and council and a few others. Come on Daily Mail, check it out."

"Hi Mail Call. The Herald-Mail should be embarrassed of the quality of your color photographs over at least the last few months. I would suggest you either get the right equipment and provide the people with training or stick to black and white."

"This is for the person to who at about 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday night ran over and killed my black cat on Clear Spring Road and I think they were in a Ford Bronco. I'd just like to say that I really hope you can sleep well tonight because you're really common."

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