Mail Call

March 05, 1998

"Can anyone out there tell me what a handicapped vehicle is? Of all the vehicles I've seen pull into handicapped spaces and then some of the people that get out of them and run into the stores are in no way handicapped. Then it must be the vehicle but then I look at the vehicles and they have all their wheels, none are using a cane or crutches or in need of a wheelchair. Maybe I'll get me one of those handicapped tickets to hang on my mirror and it will really come in handy on rainy days, or when I'm only in the store a minute, or the parking lot is full or a family member is handicapped or etc., etc., etc. I've actually seen a true handicapped person look for a parking space because all the handicapped spaces were taken. Probably by someone with a handicapped mentality with no regards for others."


"I agree that drugs should be taken off the streets but what these cops are doing is entrapment. If they weren't out there trying to sell it to them, these guys wouldn't be out there buying it and taking the chance of losing their families. They'd have to look for it a little bit harder and maybe not find it. The cops need to get out there and do it right. Not with all this entrapment."

"I see Sarbanes was in Hagerstown. It must be an election year."

"This is Missy and I'm calling to respond to the lady who wants to take her mom on a hot air balloon ride. The information you need is to call Dave Rider Construction on Jonathan Street. If you will call him he will give you all the information on the hot air balloons and he will be able to take her or fix her up with it. I'm not sure of the number but it's on the right at the end of Jonathan Street. Have fun and enjoy."

"Mail Call is great! It's a sounding board for the people. My mom always said that you can please some of the people some of the time and some of the people part of the time but not all the people all the time. Thanks, Mail Call."

"This is to the very nice lady in Williamsport that sent my son money for a new tackle box after his was stolen down at the C&O Canal in Williamsport while fishing some time back in the summer. I'd just like to tell her that he really appreciated it very much and it wasn't a scheme. We've moved since then and we had lost her address but I did see her response in the paper thinking it was just a scheme because we didn't thank her and she hadn't heard from us. No, it wasn't a scheme to get money. He appreciated it very much and when he got it, he went out and bought all new things and went fishing. He enjoyed it very much. He wasn't expecting what you gave him and yes, he appreciates it very, very much. We just wanted you to know that it wasn't a scheme and that it was the God's honest truth. You are a very nice lady and again we'd like to say thank you."

"I'd like to know if when these temporary agencies advertise about certain jobs and then when you call they say they don't have them, is this or is this not false advertising? I'd really like to know."

"As to the person that wanted grapevine wreaths, if they would call me at 301-582-3784 we have them."

"Hi Mail Call. I'd just like to make a comment about all the people who are talking about how the kids graduating from high schools can't spell and can't read. I know this is not a good thing but I was looking through a book here that has a date in it of 1936 and there's an old yellowed newspaper article here and the headline says, 'High school students can't spell.' It goes on about how even then there was a problem with the high school kids and the majority of them that couldn't spell."

"If you lost a set of keys in the Rite-Aid/County Market parking lot I found them on Tuesday morning and turned them in to Rite-Aid. You can find them there."

"Yes, Mail Call. This is Terry H. and you know what I think? I don't think that deal they worked out with Iraq is any good. What they ought to do is feed that thing into a shredder and then get about 100 million men and go in there and straighten that country out and get rid of that Saddam and every member of his family. I don't care if they have to blow Iraq right off the face of the earth and burn it like a malignant wart. Thank you very much."

"This is to all the NASCAR fans out there in Washington County. What's the problem with Chevrolet? They still can't build a car to run with Ford if they left Ford's be and don't restrict them. This is something I never could understand. It's just like they never would have had a V-8 engine if Ford wouldn't have given them the technology to have it. Poor little old Richard Childress and Dale Earnhardt. You know you can go to the mall and there's a race car souvenir shop and they sell crying towels for you Chevrolet people."

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