Herald-Mail staffers dominate press awards

February 28, 1998

Herald-Mail staffers dominate press awards

The Herald-Mail newspapers won 35 awards, including 12 first place awards, in the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association contest.

The newspaper also won the prestigious "Sweepstakes Award'' for the sixth consecutive year by winning more awards than any other newspaper of its size. The awards were handed out Friday during the annual banquet in Baltimore.

In addition, two Herald-Mail staffers beat out entrants from newspapers of all sizes to win a "Best in Show'' award. Photographer Yvette May and Lifestyle editor Lisa Prejean won for "Cooking with wine'' in the art and illustration category.

Winners were:


First place, spot news: Reporters Clyde Ford, Steven T. Dennis, Franca Lewis for coverage of a January murder/wounding that crossed over two states.


First place, series: Reporters Teri Johnson, Kate Coleman and Laura Ernde and guest contributor Pat Schooley, for a Lifestyle series on the 135th Anniversary Battle of Antietam.

First place, local government: Reporter Steven T. Dennis, for an investigative story on the high costs behind Washington County's preindustrial treatment plant.

First place, public service: Reporter Marlo Barnhart, for the theft of a wheelchair that caused a public outcry and the donation of a wheelchair to the victim.

First place, education: Reporter Kerry Fraley for a comprehensive 10-year look at Washington County's educational system under Superintendent Wayne Gersen.

First place, headlines: Copy editor Bob Fleenor for "Car thieves are in Accord,'' "Crops and Robbers,'' and "Someday, their prints will come.''

Second place, business and economic: Reporter Kerry Fraley for a Tri-State area look at income and spending levels of local residents.

Honorable mention, spot news: Reporters Laura Ernde, Guy Fletcher, Kerry Fraley, and photographers Kevin Gilbert, Richard Meagher, RIc Dugan and Yvette May, for comprehensive coverage in September of the 135th Battle of Antietam reenactment.

Honorable mention, general news: Reporter Ellen Lyon, for "Everyday Angel.''

Honorable mention, series: Brendan Kirby, Guy Fletcher, Don Aines, Kerry Fraley, Steve Dennis, Marlo Barnhart, Lisa Graybeal, Dave McMillion, Laura Ernde, Julie Greene, Clyde Ford and RIchard Belisle for "The Twelve Days of Christmas,'' a 12-part series on Tri-State area residents who make a difference to others during the holiday season.

Honorable mention, feature story: Reporter Guy Fletcher, for "From Promise to Jail,'' a profile on Robin Harmon's career from Miss Maryland to spending time in jail for drug charges.

Honorable mention, business and economic: Reporter Ellen Lyon for "Power Play,'' a story on the pros and cons of deregulation of the power utility industry.

Honorable mention, medicine and science: Reporter Laura Ernde and Executive Editor Gloria George for "Managed healthcare crisis.''

Honorable mention, religion: Reporter Teri Johnson for "Returning to God.''

Honorable mention, education: Reporters Dave McMillion and Laura Ernde for "Controversy follows new superintendent.''


First place, sports story: Sports writer Bob Parasiliti, for a "past meets the present'' story on Williamsport celebrating Women in Sports Day.

Second place, sports story: Sports writer Mark Keller for "Champions Once More.''

Second place, sports feature: Sports editor Ron Somers for "Make hers to go.''

Second place, sports column: Assistant sports editor Joel Huffer for "Anyone remember the score?''

Honorable mention, sports feature: Sports writer Bob Parasiliti for "This Hawk has heart.''

Honorable mention, sports column: Sports editor Ron Somers for "Long races a celebration of humanity,'' "Gimmee a 'C'...,'' and ""Coach does 'write' by his players.''


First place, feature photo: Chief photographer Kevin Gilbert for "Double Dribble.''

Second place, sports photo: Photographer Joe Crocetta for "Purrrr-fect.''

Honorable mention, picture series, Photographers Kevin Gilbert, Richard Meagher, RIc Dugan, Joe Crocetta, Yvette May and Executive Editor Gloria George for photo coverage of the 135th Battle of Antietam reenactment.

Honorable mention, spot news photo: Chief Photographer Kevin Gilbert for "Standoff''

Honorable mention, feature photo: Photographer Richard Meagher for "Step up to Speak.''

Honorable mention, sports photo: Photographer Ric Dugan for "You're out, I'm what?''


First place, page 1 design: Graphic artist Kim Bain and copy editors Bob Fleenor and Darrell Kepler for Sept. 14 and 15 page layout of the 135th Battle of Antietam reenactment.

First place, informational graphics-general: Graphic artist Kim Bain for "135th Battle of Antietam Spectators Guide.

First place, art & illustration: Photographer Yvette May and Lifestyle editor Lisa Prejean for "Cooking with wine.''

Second place, informational graphics-general: Reporter Laura Ernde and graphic artist Kim Bain for a 24-hour look at crime in Washington County.

Honorable mention, page design: Assistant lifestyle editor Liz Douglas and chief photographer Kevin Gilbert, for Nov. 11 edition.

Honorable mention, art & illustration: Graphic artist Kim Bain for "Embarrassed by your breath?''


First place, local column: Reporter Terry Talbert, for "There's More to Life,'' "Giving Thanks,'' and "I Found Out.''

Second place, local column: Reporter Teri Johnson for "Car Tune Jamming Brings Back Memories,'' "Memories of Grandpa Still Strong After 25 Years,'' and "Her Refrigerator Seems to Create Artistic Works Over Time.''

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