Mail Call

February 26, 1998

"Hi Mail Call. I'm just calling to see if anybody out there has a baby dressing table that they want to sell? If there is, could they please put their number in Mail Call for me? Thank you."

"Hello Mail Call. I'm calling about the person that's hunting for green tea. You should be able to find it in all the health food stores, the one at the mall and the one on Pennsylvania Avenue. It helps to keep your cholesterol down and stuff so you should be able to find it there. Thank you."

"This is for the person looking for green tea made by Lipton. You can find it at the Martin's Grocery Store in their tea section."

"Yes. To the caller looking for green tea. You can find it in any grocery store or health food store in the tea section and it is indeed good for you. Good luck."


"For anyone looking for Beanie Babies, they are in a shop in Middletown right off Alt. 40 next to the Subway shop. They have a large selection and they don't rip you off. It's only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays and I believe the name is 'Monkey Business.' Thank you."

"I would like to thank the Daily Mail for putting in the feature results from the Hagerstown Speedway. I'd like to see the results from qualifying but this is a good start in being informed of what's happening in our own backyard. It really surprised me that there are so many people in Hagerstown that don't even know that we have a dirt race track right here. We also have 2 very successful race track promoters that live in Hagerstown and it would be nice to see some information on these 2 promoters race tracks. Thank you."

"I'm calling about the lady whose husband had a pancreas transplant. I've had 4 kidney transplants and know all about the medical bills and expensive medicines. If she would call me at 301-733-9621 I have a few suggestions for her."

"I'm a poor fisherman that cannot afford to rent a boat and since Greenbrier State Park collects money at the gate now, they should be able to buy chemicals to kill all the algae that grows out about 100 yards from the banks. It gets all over the hooks making the fish not to bite and it clings to the weights and is so messy to clean off. Thank you."

"Sandy, I want you to know that I'm grateful and proud that you stay home and take care of our children. You have the most important job in the world. The care and devotion you show to our children are a testament to what a good person you are. I'm a lucky man to have met and been able to marry you. You are the most unique and wonderful woman I have ever met and I love you with all my heart."

"Yes Mail Call. I want to extend my gratitude to a gentleman cab driver that showed pure hospitality yesterday. While I was making a money transaction for the cost of the fare he tells ME to keep the change. Now that's something unheard of. We need more cab drivers like that young gentleman."

"I wonder why Governor Glendening and his anti-gun liberal contingencies has not composed any more anti-gun laws? Do you suppose being an election year may have something to do with it?"

"Why is Mail Call not printing calls made in favor of the school music program but are printing the ones against it?"

"Hello Mail Call. What are the guidelines between the IRS and the Gaming Commission rules of Washington County private club associations concerning charitable donations and gifts from the tip jar profits?"

"I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that JoEllen Barnhart has 2 goals? One is to spread her love for Clinton and number two is to spend as much of your hard earned tax dollars as possible."

"Hello Mail Call. Has anyone seen Janet Reno? Goodbye."

"I'm responding to the West End caller about the police cleaning up the streets. If you're talking about the teenagers that hang out on Winter and George, I've got news for you. We'll be back once it get warm out and there's nothing you can do about it. See you then."

"Hello Mail Call. This is to the person that made the remarks about our teachers having affairs with students in other counties. That person should look into why our band director left a Hagerstown school so abruptly. Thank you, a concerned parent."

"Yes. This is in reference to Bingo. I think it should be a first come, first served basis for seating arrangements. I don't think they should allow that little old lady with the white hair to put out reserved seating signs everywhere in the place. It should be first come, first served in seating arrangements and I hope you're listening Gregg."

"I want to know if one of your writers could do an article on the movie and explain to us about the money? If the movie isn't made and the county has to pay $250,000 to someone, where is that money coming from?"

"To the complainer of Feb. 24. Your last two sentences would have said it all. You're long-winded."

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