List of some questionable donations

February 21, 1998

List of some questionable donations

Some of the donations that are being questioned by the Washington County Gaming Commission director. The name of the club that claimed the donation is in parenthesis:

- Help Phil Miller with operation, $775 (Clear Spring American Legion)

- Morris Frock American Legion Auxiliary, $1,638 (Morris Frock American Legion)

- Washington County Club Association, $120 (Morris Frock American Legion)

- Unnamed family who were victims of a house fire, $500 (Funkstown American Legion Auxiliary)

- Joint Veterans Council, $300 (Morris Frock American Legion)

- Korean War Last Man's Club, $737 (Morris Frock American Legion)

- Military funerals for five veterans who were not members, $150 (Hancock American Legion)

- Elks National, $3,548 (Hagerstown Elks)


- Washington County Club Association, $50 (Hagerstown Eagles)

- National Rifle Association, $100 (Goodwill Athletic Association)

- Use of parking lot for Moose Lodge chicken barbecue sale, $100 (Knights of Columbus)

- Washington County Club Association Picnic, $452 (North American Rod and Gun Club)

- National Rifle Association, $1,000 (North American Rod and Gun Club)

- Holiday Motel to lodge a veteran, $36 (Hagerstown VFW)

- Pictures for area middle schools, $667, (Hagerstown VFW)

- AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, $2,153 (Washington County AMVETS)

- Member in need, $250 (Washington County AMVETS)

- Subscription to Cracker Barrel for Sharpsburg Elementary, $25 (Sharpsburg American Legion)

- Waynesboro (Pa.) Pony League, $100 (Cascade American Legion)

- Cascade Elementary School, $2,700 (Cascade American Legion)

- Town of Funkstown for National Pike Festival, $250 (Funkstown American Legion)

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