Baltimore teen injured in fall at Annapolis Rock

February 21, 1998|By CLYDE FORD

Baltimore teen injured in fall at Annapolis Rock

BOONSBORO - A Baltimore teenager fell nearly 30 feet from Annapolis Rock off the Appalachian Trail early Saturday after he and two friends went on a late night camping trip.

Andrew Grant Cameron, 18, was listed in fair condition Saturday at Washington County Hospital.

Alcohol was a factor in the accident, which is being investigated by Maryland Park Ranger Bob Haney, said Maryland Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Patricia Manown Mash.

Cameron, Geoffrey Logan Topper, 19, and Justin Patrick Rossello, age unavailable, arrived at Annapolis Rock about 1 p.m. and set up camp.


Annapolis Rock is a rocky area about two miles north of U.S. 40 along the Washington-Frederick counties line.

Cameron and Rossello were sitting together on the edge of Annapolis Rock when Rossello went to get something from their camp, Mash said.

When Rossello returned, Cameron was missing. He found Cameron lying at the bottom of the rock, about 30 feet below where they had been sitting, Mash said. The accident occurred sometime between 3:30 a.m. and 5 a.m.

About 6 a.m., Rossello woke a Scoutmaster who was camping with a Boy Scout troop from Annapolis.

The Scout leader used his cell phone to call 911, Mash said.

Dispatchers sent rescuers from the Mount Aetna Volunteer Fire Co., the Boonsboro Ambulance Co., , said Sandy Trumpower, assistant fire chief with the Mount Aetna Volunteer Fire Co.

A Maryland State Police helicopter landed on U.S. 40 and picked up members of the Frederick County Advanced Rescue Team, said Maryland State Police.

The firefighters, using a four-wheel drive Suburban, managed to drive part of the way on the Appalachian Trail before the path was blocked by a fallen tree, Trumpower said.

The fire company's chain saws were not large enough to cut through the tree so the firefighters had to carry their gear about a mile to the scene, she said.

When they arrived, the helicopter was lowering two members of the Advanced Rescue Team to the scene, a manuever the team practices with the helicopter crew, state police said.

The rescuers stabilized the injured teen and carried him up a winding path to the top of the rock, she said.

The teen was unconscious, she said.

The helicopter lowered a line and the boy was hauled up into the helicopter and flown to Washington County Hospital about 8:10 a.m., Trumpower and Manown said.

The actual rescue of the boy only took minutes, but the entire rescue effort took about two and a half hours because of the difficulty in getting to the scene and then hauling the equipment back, Trumpower said.

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