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Mail Call

February 20, 1998

"To fully understand the "stadium controversy" I urge the city fathers and the local citizenry to read pages 153 through 156 of the Reader's Digest."

"I'm calling in about leaving a child strapped in a car seat while you go into a store or school. It is against the law. You cannot do it and you can be fined for abuse to a child."

"I'd like to wish my sister Virginia Unseld a happy birthday.. She will be 86 years old."

"Hi Mail Call. Would anyone know where you can get a small extension cord about 12 or 15 inches long? One that won't be laying across the floor in a small space. If you know please call into Mail Call and let me know."

"The CAP? Is that the same as Conservative Alliance of Coconuts?"

"Hi Mail Call. I was calling to see if anyone has any free kittens? I don't know where to go and the SPCA wants too much money and we just moved into a house and I don't have any extra money to put towards all that except for the first shots. So if anyone has a free kitten please let Mail Call know."


"Hi Mail Call. Here is some real irony. In 1986 the Edgemont Reservoir water was declared unsafe for human consumption due to neglect and improper filtration of the water. The Hagerstown Water Department stated that the time of the reservoir had passed and it should be abandoned. The city won the battle and the reservoir was shut down using the rationale that it would never again be needed. Well, today the Edgemont Reservoir has been rehabilitated and is once again supplying good mountain water to the citizens as well as serving as a backup to the R.C. Willson Water Plant in Williamsport. Ironically, the Edgemont system is now named for Mr. Breichner who 12 years hence fought long and hard to close it down. Now I must borrow a comment from one of our County Commissioners and state that 'maybe I am dense but this deal makes no sense at all.' Mr. Breichner does not deserve this honor."

"Four senior citizens from the Smithsburg area were treated to a lovely lunch at the Schmankerl Stube Restaurant. Maybe other downtown restaurants would like to do likewise for other volunteers through the Washington County Commission on Aging. Thank you and we will be back."

"Yes. I want to respond to the person that said Dale Earnhardt won under the yellow flag. Well, I'm not an Earnhardt fan and personally, I despise him but I'm glad he won and there has been others that have won under the yellow flag, too."

"Yes Mail Call. After reading all the allegations about students sleeping with their teachers in other counties, Washington County is sure lucky not to have that going on in our school system."

"Happy 60th Dad. Happy birthday greetings from Georgia. We love you."

"Yes. This is in response to the merger between the Hagerstown Housing Authority and the Washington County Housing Authority. The reason they did it was because the County Commissioners wanted to get their hands in the pot and the Housing Authority wouldn't allow it and that's the bottom line."

"Yes. The business of collecting pull tabs for free dialysis machines is a scam. Think about it. What hospital would accept a payment like that?"

"This is to Councilman McClure. He apparently gets all his information from Mail Call. He truly represents the people who live in the 19th century in this county. Mr. McClure, you ought to read encyclopedias instead of Mail Call and then maybe you'd be a politician for the future."

"For the person who wanted to know what to do with used or old greeting cards. You can send them to St. Jude's Children's Ranch, P.O. Box 60100, Bolder City, Nevada 89006-0100."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm calling for a long lost love by the name of Jessica. I love her dearly."

"Hello. I can use the old greeting cards. Please call me at 301-582-4775. Please call in the afternoons or evenings. Thank you."

"As a Republican I was glad to see Councilman McClure's comments. He's living proof to me and many others that you should never vote the straight party ticket and making me think of becoming a Democrat. Man, where does the city get these city councilmen?"

"I would like to know if anyone is aware of any spring clean-up efforts that are going to go on in this county? Our city is in terrible and disgusting shape with all this trash and I'd like to help. So if anyone knows of any kind of clean-up effort please print it in The Herald-Mail. Thank you."

"Huyetts Crossroads is an accident waiting to happen. It needs to be looked into."

"Yes, as a life long resident of Washington County I'd like to agree with the caller that said this county fights change. There's never been anything to do here. The people have fought publishing the newspapers on Sundays, repealed the blue law, the ice rink and now the stadium. They have to learn this is the 1990s and not the 1890s."

"Yes, I'd just like to say that I'm sure spring is on its way. I've spotted a robin in my yard now for the last past week and I live on Lockwood Road in Williamsport."

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