Judge to pick Greene Township supervisor

February 17, 1998|By DON AINES

Judge to pick Greene Township supervisor

SCOTLAND, Pa. - A Franklin County judge will have to select a Greene Township supervisor after the two remaining supervisors failed Tuesday to reach an agreement on which of two applicants should fill the post.

Supervisors Dave Jamison and Paul Ambrose each submitted a name from a list of 14 applicants to replace former supervisor Jack Furry, who resigned Jan. 17 after 10 years on the board and 17 years as a township employee.

Tuesday was the end of the 30-day period during which they could appoint someone to fill the unexpired two years of Furry's second term.


Jamison said he hopes the vacancy on the three-member board is soon filled, considering the supervisors must consider weighty issues such as a zoning plan for Letterkenny Township.

The disagreement between Ambrose and Jamison was over whether the replacement would also be a full-time or part-time employee of the township.

"I need a full-time individual to help with the day-to-day operations here," Jamison said of his selection, Edwin Harr, 58, of 295 Mount Union Road, Fayetteville, Pa. Jamison said Harr retired several years ago from Scotland School for Veterans Children, where he was the dormitory manager.

Ambrose's choice is Richard P. Kramer, 64, of 181 Anthony Highway, Fayetteville, a former three-term township supervisor who left office at the end of 1995.

"He knows the job, from plowing and cindering to looking at subdivision plans. He has a whole wealth of experience I think would be helpful," Ambrose said.

Both men have commercial driver's licenses and would be able to assist with roadwork in the township, but Jamison said Harr has indicated a willingness to work full time.

Jamison, who is the township roadmaster, said a supervisor employed as assistant roadmaster would have an annual salary of about $37,000, including meeting pay.

Ambrose said it would be less expensive to have a part-time employee working as needed.

The two supervisors discussed the selection three times last week before Monday's meeting.

"It's an honest disagreement," Ambrose said.

Jamison said he told Ambrose, "We didn't agree on this, but it doesn't mean we won't agree on other things down the road."

The township will now petition the court to make the appointment. Township Solicitor Welton Fischer said President Judge John Walker would not be limited to their two selections, or the 14 applicants, in making a decision.

Fischer said he could not determine whether Walker has a time limit in which to make the appointment.

One other thing the two could not agree on was a vacancy board. The supervisors are supposed to appoint a vacancy board at the beginning of the year, or soon thereafter, made up of the supervisors and another person serving as the chairman.

"Dave and I basically couldn't agree on who would break the tie," Ambrose said.

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