Thumb up, thumbs down

February 13, 1998

To Leon Brumback of North Hagerstown High School and other local educators providing youth with historical information during February, which is Black History Month.

To Washington County's delegation to the Maryland General Assembly, for amending the "sunset" clause out of the county's gaming law. Ninety-nine percent of those in the county agree: This law works well.

To the 990 people who responded to a Hagerstown city survey asking them if they'd be willing to join a neighborhood association. Thanks for your willingness to help improve this town.

To the Hagerstown Housing Authority, for rejecting the county's proposal to appoint two members to a board that would govern a merged city-county housing agency. The mayor would still get to name five members, wouldn't he?


To John and Betty Herbst of Smithsburg, for the lifetime of hard work that put their family in the Maryland Agriculture Hall of Fame. Their service to the public has been substantial, too.

To the Washington County Department of Social Services, which revamped its child-support collection unit and racked up the best record in the state, collecting 77 percent of all monies owed. For all the kids, thanks so much.

To everyone smart enough to know that even if your sweetheart says, "Don't get me anything for Valentine's Day," it's still not a bad idea to remember the one who loves you.

To West Virginia delegates Larry Faircloth and Jerry Mezzatesta, for claiming, with no proof we've heard, that Del. John Overington is a liar with a "neo-Nazi" agenda. It's time to do one of two things: Prove the charge or apologize.

To Tim Mayberry, a Boonsboro resident who has taken on the daunting task of challenging a living lenged, Louis L. Goldstein, for Maryland Comptroller.

To Louis L. Goldstein, who after 40 years in office could slide through his campaign for another term as Maryland's Comptroller, but instead has chosen to debate the issues (at least in print) with his opponent, Tim Mayberry.

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