Chocolate - These recipes will help you feel less guilt

February 10, 1998|By KATE COLEMAN

On Valentine's Day, thoughts turn to love and romance, greeting cards and flowers and chocolate.

Last year Americans spent approximately $900 million on cards, $700 million on flowers and $709 million on candy, according to an International Mass Retail Association survey. Chocolate Manufacturers and National Confectioners associations are projecting $725 million in candy sales for Valentine's Day 1998.

Valentine's Day sales top all others at Candy Kitchen, according to John Leos, whose grandfather opened the family's Waynesboro, Pa., store in 1902. Leos isn't sure of the exact date, but he says the chocolate-Valentine's Day connection goes back at least to the 1890s, and probably further back than that.

Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate are the number one item at the family's Frederick, Md., branch of the business. Heart-shaped boxes of assorted chocolates and the Candy Kitchen line of Swiss-style truffles, all made from the family's recipes and imported ingredients, also are popular. Candy Kitchen also makes sugar- and salt-free chocolate for diabetics, Leos says.


Please pass the fruit

Nutrition and healthful foods don't come instantly to mind when we think of Valentine's Day, a time of indulgence - of hearts and flowers, lace and satin, and yes, chocolate. But Sandy Corridon, extension educator, family and consumer services for University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service, in Frederick, Md., has come up with some recipes for Valentine's Day that you can enjoy with a little less guilt than is usually associated with the treats of the holiday.

Corridon says the No. 1 dietary guideline from U.S. Department of Agriculture is eating a variety of foods. Among her goals is helping people lower their intake of fat and cholesterol, increase fiber and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet. That's not an easy task at this time of year.

"We don't want diet to be a four-letter word," Corridon says.

These "Heart Healthy" recipes would all look pretty and romantic with a little candlelight, and they manage to sneak better-for-you things such fruit and low-fat ingredients into Valentine's Day dessert.

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