Health notes

January 30, 1998

Health notes

Equipment treats kidney, ureter, bladder stones

FREDERICK, Md. - With the recent purchase of a highly sophisticated piece of equipment, patients can receive fast and effective treatment at Frederick Memorial Hospital for one of the most painful medical conditions known - stones in the ureter, bladder and kidney.

Lithotripsy is the procedure for breaking up stones. The majority of patients need only one treatment. The recovery period is short, and most patients go home the same day. When surgery is done, the recovery can take up to several weeks.

Lithotripsy crushes large stones that cannot be passed naturally through the ureter.

Stones are located with X-ray. Then controlled bursts of compressed air accelerate a probe which is in a hand piece. This ballistic energy is transmitted in the form of shock waves to the stone which fragments as a result of the impact.


The urologist reviews X-rays taken after the procedure to make sure the stone has been crushed. The small grains will exit the body with urine.

Before the equipment was purchased, patients who were suffering from stones had to wait for a mobile lithotripsy unit which came to the hospital once a week. The new lithotripter is in the hospital operating suite, giving patients immediate access to treatment.

Kidney stones usually are diagnosed after a patient experiences intense pain in the lower back area. There is a high rate of recurrence in those who have had treatment for stones. The most effective prevention is to drink a lot of water.

Baby Care class to be offered in Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Baby Care class will be offered at Waynesboro Hospital birthing classroom Thursday, Feb. 5, from 7 to 9 p.m. There is a $10 fee for those not taking Lamaze class. Learn about general caring for your newborn, such as feeding, diapering, bathing and infant safety. This class also is good for parents who want to adopt. Grandparents are welcome. Class includes films. For information, or to register, call 1-717-765-3417.

Easter Seals offers help for those with hearing loss

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Living with a hearing loss can be frustrating because it interferes with having normal conversations and interactions with people.

It is frustrating for those who can't hear, and it is frustrating for those who are trying to be heard.

Easter Seals has help available for those who have hearing loss.

Call the Chambersburg center at 1-717-264-7578 for information.

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