Thumbs up, thumbs down

January 15, 1998

To Washington County's League of Women Voters, for reorganizing here four years after the group disbanded. We've missed the commitment they brought to local government.

To Washington County's Human Development Council, for its plan to re-open Gossard's Grocery as a training center for their disabled clients. The store would deliver food to senior citizens who lack transportation.

To Fred R. Rohrer, for agreeing to chair the Washington County Gaming Commission, at a time when the law that set it up is under attack from the county's private clubs. He's a brave man.

To the Shepherdstown, W.Va. library board, for being patient with critics of their expansion plan, even though it's been in the works for three years. Does anybody really want the library moved outside the town limits?


To the Hagerstown Mayor and City Council, for their resolve to have an officer on foot patrol day and night in downtown Hagerstown. It will cost, but no law-abiding citizen will object.

To Marlene Corrigan of Martinez, California, whose 13-year-old daughter Christina died weighing 680 pounds and covered with bedsores. If an adult wants to live that way, fine, but a child cannot "choose" such a lifestyle.

To Saddam Hussein, for spending millions to build a series of presidential palaces in Iraq while the people of his country live in poverty like medieval peasants.

To America's British and French allies, who are losing their resolve to keep holding the aforementioned Saddam's feet to the fire on the matter of weapons inspections. Don't these folks owe us a little bit of backbone?

To every idiot who picks up a gun and says, "If I can't have her no one else will." When you go to prison, you still won't have her, or anything like a normal life ever again.

To every American news outlet that covered the death of Sonny Bono as if he were a revered American statesman. He wasn't. He was one of those people like Zsa Zsa Gabor, who famous for no apparent reason.

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