Man sentenced in 'road rage' incident

January 15, 1998


Staff Writer

A "road rage" incident in August resulted in a six-month jail sentence for a Hagerstown man Tuesday in Washington County Circuit Court.

David Lee Monninger, 39, of 843 Lanvale St., pleaded guilty to one of three counts of second-degree assault before Judge Frederick C. Wright III. The other two counts were dropped in exchange for the plea.

Hagerstown City Police said the Aug. 13 incident occurred at the intersection of Wesel and Burhans boulevards when Monninger confronted two people in a 1982 Volkswagen after he was cut off in traffic.


The driver, Aletta Cunningham, told Officer Ellen Gilbert that she was eastbound on Wesel Boulevard near Noland Co. at 1:19 p.m. when a red pickup truck tried to pass her on the right, running partially on the shoulder, court records said.

The truck, driven by Monninger, pulled in behind her and tailgated her to the intersection with Burhans Boulevard, court records said.

At the traffic signal, Monninger got out of the truck, approached Cunningham's car and said she "should be killed because of her driving," court records said.

Then Monninger leaned into the car and struck Cunningham on the chin, court records alleged. She told police he was "acting like a wild man."

Jeffrey Myers, the driver of a vehicle that happened on the scene, yelled to Monninger to leave them alone and Monninger threatened Myers, court records said.

Monninger, who had his 4-year-old child in his truck, then left, saying police could contact him at his work, court records said.

Gilbert did so a short time later and Myers went along to identify Monninger, court records said.

Monninger told Gilbert that the Cunningham car had nearly run him off the road and that the passenger made an obscene gesture. He denied hitting Cunningham, court records said.

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