Man on the street

January 15, 1998

Do you feel safe in Hagerstown?

"I don't feel as safe in Hagerstown as when I first came to town (in 1992). There's been quite a few shootings in Hagerstown."

- Denise Coleman, 42, Hagerstown.

"When I did live in Hagerstown, no, I didn't. You never knew when somebody would come in your house and rob you."

- Dennis Wolfe, 27. He moved to Clear Spring from Hagerstown about a month ago.

"I feel safe 'cause I don't live here. I feel safe cause He's looking over me. I feel safe. I guess I don't worry about things like that."


- Donald Bernhisel, 50, Big Pool.

"Yeah, I do. I don't go in the wrong places...Some people are afraid of black people but I'm not because I know a lot of them...It seems like the guys who get killed are from New Jersey or New York."

- Russ Robinson II, Smithsburg.

"Yeah. I wouldn't hang out on Jonathan Street but other than that I feel safe."

- Nita Gorman, 31, Hagerstown.

"I do, yes, relatively. I don't come out in the areas I shouldn't be in."

- Joseph O'Neill, 75, Hagerstown.

"Yeah. Everybody knows me in Hagerstown. I used to be a bad person - that's why they kind of just ignore me when I walk up and down the street."

- Rickie Bowers, 39, Hagerstown.

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