Jefferson United Way reaches goal

January 14, 1998


Staff Writer, Charles Town

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - There was no doubt in Marie Galazzi's mind that the United Way of Jefferson County would meet its campaign goal, despite the fact it was higher than any previous goal.

What surprised her and other United Way campaign officials was that the goal was met by Tuesday.

"Usually it's March or April by the time we reach our goal," said Teresa McCabe, last year's co-chair of the fund drive and a member of this year's campaign committee.

The United Way campaign has raised $230,000 so far and Galazzi said she believes more money will continue to come in before the March 26 banquet.


"We had the feeling we'd reach our goal because the people in Jefferson County have always been generous. But we've never reached our goal this quickly," Galazzi said.

Galazzi and McCabe said there are many reasons for the rise in donations.

"I definitely think the growth we're seeing in the businesses in the county has made a difference," McCabe said.

The new businesses in Jefferson County have provided corporate donations and run employee contribution campaigns, Galazzi said.

Also giving a big boost to the United Way were the past two Day of Caring annual events, in which local residents spent a day doing volunteer work at different nonprofit agencies.

In September, hundreds of Jefferson County residents turned out to paint offices, plant landscaping and do other work that the charitable organizations do not have the money or workers to do.

The Day of Caring not only provides the charities with labor, it educates the public about what United Way-funded organizations are doing in Jefferson County, Galazzi said.

"Every meeting I go, the Day of Caring is discussed," she said.

"There's no doubt in my mind that the Day of Caring has created more awareness about what the United Way does in Jefferson County," McCabe said.

The major firms and retail divisions of the campaign team exceeded their goals by 150 percent, she said.

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