Mades will seek fourth term

January 12, 1998

Mades will seek fourth term


Staff Writer

Pointing to his good health and continued enjoyment of the job, Washington County Sheriff Charles Mades Said Monday he will seek a fourth term as the county's top elected law enforcement officer.

"I want to stay and see the results of the programs we've started," Mades said. "We've come a long way."

Mades, 57, said he first ran in 1986 on a platform of strong law enforcement and he hopes to carry that theme over into the year 2000.

"I take pride in what I, as sheriff, and my office as a whole have done over the past 12 years to improve the quality of life in Washington County," Mades said.


If re-elected to the $42,500 a year job, Mades said he will continue to provide the service that citizens have learned to expect.

A Democrat, Mades was a 25-year veteran of the Maryland State Police before seeking his first term as sheriff.

"I have seen this office increase from a staff of 118 in 1987 to 175 employees now," Mades said.

During that same period, the sheriff's department budget rose from $2.7 million to $6.8 million.

The average daily inmate count increased from 184 in 1987 to 413 today in a building on the Western Maryland Parkway that is often bursting at the seams.

With those numbers to deal with every day, Mades said he strives to be as efficient as possible and to establish those priorities needed to be effective.

"I realize that projected growth is what we are all concerned about and I want to make sure that Washington County remains a safe and secure place for others to live and raise their families," Mades said. "My past performance as a full-time sheriff should prove my commitment to this office to the residents of Washington County."

Mades said he has accomplished a lot in his years as sheriff. He believes that in the process, he has gained an invaluable education and worthwhile experience.

"I feel that as an incumbent, I run on my record," Mades said.

Mades said he faces the issues and doesn't play games in the performance of his duties.

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