Citicorp plans to move 200 jobs

January 09, 1998


Staff Writer

Citicorp Credit Services Inc. in Hagerstown will move 200 of its jobs this summer to two other company locations in Las Vegas and Englewood Cliffs, N.J., company spokesman Phil Kelly said Friday.

But Kelly said the move will not necessarily mean a loss of jobs at the local center.

Officials are still saying that the Hagerstown facility could either gain or lose jobs as a result of a worldwide restructuring of the company.

"No one's being laid off. It's a redefining of what work is being done in Hagerstown," Kelly said.

Kelly said there will be more "customer contact" jobs added to Hagerstown, but its too early to tell how many.

Workers were notified of the decision to move the jobs Thursday, Kelly said. About 2,300 people work at the local facility.


Employees whose jobs are moved to Nevada and New Jersey will have the opportunity to move to those sites or retrain for new jobs being added here, Kelly said.

It will be between six to 10 months before company officials know if there will be a net gain or loss of jobs in Hagerstown, Kelly said.

The positions being moved are "transaction service" jobs, which involve handling customer statements and taking payments, Kelly said.

Citicorp is building a new facility in Englewood, N.J., although it is not known how large it will be or how many people will work there, according to Kelly. The site is expected to be completed in September, Kelly said.

The facility near Las Vegas, in a community known as The Lakes, has operations similar to the center in Hagerstown, Kelly said.

In October, Kelly announced the Hagerstown site could gain or lose employees under a plan to eliminate 7,500 jobs throughout its worldwide offices.

Officials with Citicorp, which has processing centers in 98 countries, said they plan to eliminate 9,000 positions at centers being closed, and add 1,500 jobs at positions being expanded.

At the time, Kelly said it was not a time for anyone to get nervous and that the local center would remain a part of the community.

The company has made a major investment in Hagerstown in the 11 years it has been there, including opening a $10 million wing a year ago.

In August, it opened an $8.6 million day-care center, believed to be the largest corporate-sponsored day-care center in the country.

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