Mystery of burned carcasses solved

January 09, 1998


Staff Writer

HANCOCK - A man claiming responsibility for two burned animal carcasses that were dumped Sunday night in front of a Stine Road home has contacted Maryland State Police and explained the circumstances behind the incident.

The owner of the smaller animal, now determined to be a cat, told Trooper 1st Class C.J. Barnard that a stray dog attacked his cat, disemboweling it.

"Afraid the dog might have rabies, the man told me he then shot the dog and the injured cat and tried to burn them," Barnard said Thursday.


While there was no explanation of how the carcasses got in the roadway on Stine Road, Barnard said he would not file charges against the man.

Barnard said the Washington County SPCA was contacted and given the information.

A homeowner who found the carcasses in the roadway in front of his home called Maryland State Police Sunday night and later notified the Washington County SPCA.

The carcasses initially were believed to be those of two dogs.

They were picked up Monday by the SPCA and taken to Frederick for autopsies to determine cause of death, said SPCA Director Shelly Moore.

She said Monday the Maryland law governing cruelty to animals says there must be evidence an animal suffered before it died.

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