Shippensburg briefs

January 09, 1998

Partnership to build 'Virtual University'

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. - A three-year partnership among Shippensburg, Millersville and West Chester universities will use the latest technology to create a "Virtual University" serving the entire south central Pennsylvania region.

The South Central Pennsylvania Alliance project will receive $800,000 approved by the State System of Higher Education's Board of Governors. The project is one of five approved by the board totaling $2.6 million.

The project, which will eventually serve as a model for all state system universities, is a 36-month effort with four teams beginning to work in the first year.


The project hopes to create a new level of cooperation between the universities that will allow selected academic programs, student support programs and administrative structures to present the resources of the universities in a unified program.

Programs are to be provided on-site and through distance educational technology and will have tracks for both traditional students and those not interested in pursuing full undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Four appointed committees - Program Assessment and Development, Faculty Develop-ment/Support, Technology Support and Student Support - will have representatives from each of the universities.

The first program is expected to be available in September.

Grant to be used for expansion of fair lot

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. - A $25,000 state grant was recently awarded to the Shippensburg Community Fair to help purchase additional land to expand the parking lot.

The Agricultural Fair Advisory Committee, under the Department of Agriculture, awarded the grant.

a part of its effort to promote agriculture in Pennsylvania.

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