County's smallest school has 3 students

January 04, 1998

County's smallest school has 3 students


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BOONSBORO - It may not look like the school from "Little House on the Prairie,'' but Tricia Loftis may wonder as she embarks on her new career as teacher at Washington County's newest - and smallest - school.

"I have three students so far,'' Loftis said.

The school is at Tri-State Church of God in Boonsboro and will officially open Jan. 20.

"I love kids, so I'm very enthusiastic about the possibilities,'' Loftis said.

The Christian school is nondenominational and for now includes kindergarten through sixth grade, Loftis said. There are hopes to include the grades through 12 in the future.


For now, she is the only teacher.

"I came here in September as the children's pastor at Tri-State Church of God,'' Loftis said.

The "seed'' for the school began to grow almost immediately, she said.

A native of Indiana, Loftis, 25, was living and working in Tennessee with a children's crusade when she learned that Tri-State was looking for a children's pastor.

"I graduated from Lee University and have been substitute teaching in public schools for two years,'' Loftis said.

She has been in the Washington County school system since September, combining that with her work at the church and still another job.

Now with the school opening, Loftis said she is looking forward to concentrating her efforts on the school and the church.

"We will take students of all denominations in a Bible-based curriculum,'' Loftis said.

What that means, Loftis said, is that if there are questions from students, she will refer them to the Scriptures for answers.

"It won't be our opinions, but the Bible that will prevail,'' Loftis said.

If there needs to be more discussion, the children will be told to talk with their parents.

Loftis described the school's traditional curriculum as stressing phonics, whole language, lots of drills and skill practices.

"The ABeka curriculum, as it's called, emphasizes lots of hands-on teaching - using the senses and experiencing things,'' Loftis said.

In addition to her teaching credentials, Loftis also has the benefit of having a grandmother and aunt who were teachers. She says a lot of her love of teaching came naturally from their influence.

"As the children's pastor, I oversee special programs and the children's church,'' Loftis said. That includes supervising youth groups at the church.

The school tuition will be on a sliding scale, Loftis said.

For more information about the school, call 301-791-2702 or 301-432-8038.

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