Thumbs up, thumbs down

January 02, 1998

To Hagerstown Councilman Al Boyer, for following through on his pledge to take stronger action against graffiti vandals in the city. If you want to create art, buy a sketchbook.

To the City of Martinsburg, for setting up a Citizens Police Academy which features a nine-week course to give local residents a better understanding of the issues facing police today. For more information, call 1-304-264-2100 before Jan. 23.

To the Federal Communications Commission, for its ruling that a U.S. Cellular tower proposed for the Harpers Ferry area must go through historic reviews before it can be built.

To Washington County school officials, who after years of complaints, still haven't solved the bus transportation dilemma in Cascade, where roads may ice up even though roads are dry at lower elevations. Time to figure this one out.


To William A. Reagan, for his 42 years of service to Franklin County farming community through the Cooperative Extension Service. His job was to educate, he said, and he did it well.

To the U.S Postal Service, for posting a $1 billion-plus profit for the third year in a row, with an employee-incentive program that emphasizes customer satisfaction. Now if they could just stop bringing us all those bills.

To Maryland's Board of Physician Quality Assurance, for reneging a promise to post complete profiles of its members on the Internet, including malpractice lawsuits.

To the Williamsport Ambulance Service, for setting up an emergency fund to help the children of two of its members who would otherwise face life-threatening diseases without benefit of health insurance.

To all of The Herald-Mail readers who have decided to stick with our product for yet another year. We hope we can justify your loyalty with hard work and quality every day.

To Hagerstown Junior College and the Washington County Sheriff's Department, for their innovative program to provide good drivers with $25 coupons. Finally, a program that rewards courteous, law-abiding motorists.

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