The lights were all hung in the square with care

December 18, 1997

Editor's note: The Herald-Mail is highlighting 12 different individuals or groups who make a difference to others during the holiday season.


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - For the past 15 years, Dennis Martin has set aside two days around the last week of November to string lights on the 30-foot Christmas tree on Waynesboro's Center Square and to hang the downtown holiday decorations on light poles.

He gets paid for his work - he won't say how much - but every year he finds some cause or charity that he thinks needs the money more than he does.

"I do this every year because I just like Waynesboro," said Martin, 50, whose home is in Zullinger, Pa., west of the borough.


Martin owns Star Electric, a business that lends itself to decorating tall Christmas trees. He uses his bucket truck to reach the lights on top.

He remembers when his own children, a boy, 24, and a daughter, 20, were small enough to watch him put lights on the town tree. Some day, he said, he'll have grandchildren to watch.

Martin not only helps at Christmas, but is always willing to help with public projects during the year.

This summer he wired equipment for Waynesboro's bicentennial celebration, said Carol Henicle, executive director of the Greater Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce.

"Dennis is a good guy. He does whatever we need," Henicle said.

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