Mail Call

December 18, 1997

Mail Call

"I would like to correct some misinformation given in Mail Call. Contrary to popular liberal anti-gun beliefs, full automatic and select fire weapons, aka machine and submachine guns are legal to buy, sell, possess and transfer in the United States of America. If you wish to become a federally licensed dealer in National Firearms Act Weapons, aka machine guns, you must file a license application BATF Form 7, with the BATF including supporting information, i.e., fingerprint card and a 2x2 photo. Further, you must include a money order in the amount of $500 for the first year's license fee. If you need more information in reference to obtaining said license, feel free to contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms at the Baltimore office, phone number 1-410-962-4115. And may all the gun owning people of the world have a good day."

"This is Becky Higman about the picture of our class on the front page of the paper yesterday and the article said that Wanda, the class president and I deliver all year to the people but our WHOLE class delivers different things all year to the shut-ins of our congregation and the community. It's not just me, it's the whole K.D. class."


"Why is Columbia Gas adding a monthly service charge on to our gas bills when they charge amounts to more than the gas that's been used?"

"Congratulations Tommy for earning the distinguished honor roll in the sixth grade at Clear Spring Middle School. We are really proud of you."

"This family has not forgotten about the Washington County sewer crisis. We STILL think about Ron Bowers every time we flush."

"Can I make a suggestion for the personal ads? It would be awfully nice if they'd put the ages in darker print. That way you wouldn't have to look through the entire thing."

"I don't understand all the teacher bashing in this county. If there's a problem then it's the students who have no respect for his or her parent or teacher. The demise of family values and the increase in dysfunctional families are responsible for uneducated children."

"Hi Mail Call. I read this every night but I think enough has been said about the wedding rings lost at the Weiss Store on Maryland Avenue. OK, get over it, they're gone. These things happen and life goes on. So the person that found the rings may be dishonest but she's that much more than you. She's got your rings and you're still grieving over them. You're hoping she has a lousy Christmas but you're the irresponsible person that lost your rings. How could anyone take off their wedding rings in a grocery store and then lay them down and walk off without them? Just get over it, get on with your life, for the rings, buy a new set and go on. That's all I have to say. Get a life."

"Hi. I'd just like to say thank you to the service department at Hagerstown Honda. Every time I go in they are so nice to me so I just want to tell them thank you from a grateful customer. Thank you."

"Hi there Mail Call. Always good to read what's happening in Mail Call, especially when a couple of these people like to cut up Commissioner Ron Bowers. You know, I've watched Bowers over the years and it seems like he was always planning for the future. People cut him up and here we are, we're way ahead, light years ahead of other areas in the state and the whole country. If you'd have listened to some of Bowers' critics there's nothing right. Well, I'm glad Bowers is there. Keep up the good work."

"Mail Call, do I have a great idea or what? Name all the dogs at the SPCA Buddy and all those mutts will be gone in 24 hours. Then name all the cats Socks and away will go all the felines. Whatever is left over breed them again for more Buddies and Socks. Is this a great country for free enterprise? Signed, AK."

"I'd like to thank a Christmas angel in a white minivan who found my husband's wallet on Kemps Mill Road and drove it up to us and returned it. Thank you and Merry Christmas."

"I want to say Merry Christmas to the person who came in on our porch at 10820 Clinton Avenue and unplugged and stole our Santa Claus and snowman. You have a lot of nerve and you're really brave and if you'll just come back you'll get some buckshot where you sit. Thank you. "

"Mail Call, this is about the story in the paper announcing that they are going to force feed an inmate. The inmate won't mind it at all. Think of the visions he has about talk show, books, etc. To mention his name would only fit into this publicity."

"Yes Mail Call. I was wondering - if the city buys a dog for City Park do we have to pay somebody $30,000 a year to hold the leash since there's a leash law there and they threatened to arrest me? I let my dog off his leash. Thank you."

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