For young star, 'you go girl' is a motto

December 12, 1997


Staff Writer

Katie Moore laughed with the audience watching her on the big screen with actress Kirstie Alley in the premiere of "For Richer or Poorer" at Hagerstown Cinema 10 Friday night.

The 6-year-old Leitersburg girl drew the biggest laugh in the movie when, playing a little Amish girl, Anna Yoder, she mimicked Alley who is playing a New York socialite in hiding.

"You go girl," said the on-screen Katie, dressed as an Amish lass.

The crowd of about 150 people in the theater roared.

"That's my favorite scene where I say, 'You go girl,'" the sweet-faced local girl said later.

Katie had a fairly prominent role in the movie starring Alley and Tim Allen.

She spends most of the movie shadowing Alley's character. Off-screen, Katie also spent her time following Alley, said her mother, Tracey Moore.


"She's so cool," Katie said of Alley. "She was funny."

Katie said the one scene had to be shot 20 times, but she still liked doing it.

Katie's grandmother, Brenda Levy, said that the attention Katie was given by the cast during the making of the film has not gone to Katie's head.

"She really just wants to go to school and see all her friends. She's a very good child, very well behaved," Levy said.

"You ask her about the movie, and she just wants to talk about what happened at school that day," Levy said.

Cinema 10 gave Katie star treatment on Friday night, inviting her and her family to the premiere and setting up a table for her to sign autographs.

She signed nearly 100 pictures of herself and of the movie poster.

"It's our teacher's daughter at Western Heights," said Nickie Billman, 12, who was there with friends Jennifer Bloom, 11, and Ryan Bloom, 14.

"She's so cute," Jennifer Bloom said.

"I'd love to be in the movies," Billman said.

Katie had no trouble signing her name, but at first she was unsure how to present the autographed posters to the people, sliding them to a corner of the table away from the waiting line.

The movie role may lead to other work.

Katie and her mother are flying to New York City on Monday to film screen tests for several ABC television series pilots for next season.

Acting has come naturally to the girl, whose parents appear regularly at the Washington County Playhouse.

Moore said that when Katie was young, they kept her in a crib back stage.

She first appeared in a play when she was 3 years old and is currently in the Washington County Playhouse's production of "A Christmas Carol" as Tiny Tim.

She shares the role with another girl. Katie wears a wig on her head to hide her long hair.

Her older brother and her younger sister also have done acting work before.

"I'm a very lucky woman. All my grandchildren are not only beautiful, but talented," Levy said.

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