Witnesses put defendants at murder scene

December 05, 1997


Staff Writer, Martinsburg

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Several witnesses placed Eric Turner near Jennifer Folmar's car when she was murdered, but one testified Thursday in U.S. District Court he saw Pernell J. Sellers do the shooting.

The fourth day of the trial featured testimony from witnesses who were on Ray or German streets in Shepherdstown, W.Va., when Folmar was stabbed and shot on Oct. 24, 1996. Some entered the courtroom in leg chains and prison jumpsuits, a point defense attorneys for the two Hagerstown men used in trying to discredit their testimony.

"I know what P.J. (Sellers) looks like ... He had on a white shirt and a tannish brown coat," said John Grantham, 26, of Shepherdstown. He said he was on German Street about a block away when Folmar, 23, of Bunker Hill, W.Va., was shot.


"That's when I noticed P.J. shot twice into the car and ran back up the street," said Grantham, who has no criminal convictions.

Stevie Craig, who was sitting in a pickup 20 yards from Folmar's car said he saw a man in a "tannish leather jacket" who appeared to be punching Folmar. Craig slid down in his seat because he knew "trouble's coming."

He testified Folmar started her car and the man walked away, but then she turned the Camaro's engine off again. "The dude came back down the street and shot her ... shot her two times," he said.

A light-colored leather coat with Folmar and Turner's blood on the sleeve was later found by police. Turner's fingerprint was on the driver's window of the car, which was locked when police arrived seconds after Craig and Grantham saw the shooting.

Ronald Kidrick Jr., 23, lives on Ray Street and said he was testifying under a grant of immunity. He admitted to dealing crack cocaine for Turner, also known as "Boo," and Sellers.

Kidrick said he saw Turner and Julian Pace of Charles Town ride down the street on a bicycle. Shortly after that, "I heard two gunshots," he said.

According to Kidrick, Turner returned to his house a few minutes later and said, "I got her." About 15 minutes later he heard two more gunshots.

"P.J. was up there, but I don't know where Boo was," Kidrick said. After the second shots, Kidrick said he saw Turner walking back up Ray Street.

"He waved ... I couldn't see anything in his hand. I guess that's when he threw the gun," Kidrick testified. The pistol police say was used in the shooting was found in an alley off Ray Street.

Police testified earlier in the week they saw a man in a light-colored coat make a throwing motion as they arrived on Ray Street. Another later saw a man fitting Turner's description on the porch of Henry Grantham's Ray Street house.

Kidrick said he later saw Turner without his coat or a white shirt he had been wearing. The coat was found on Henry Grantham's porch and the shirt was stuffed into a dog food bag inside.

Kidrick said he saw blood on Turner's hand, which Turner told him was from a dog bite.

Pace, who is in jail for allegedly firing shots into a Charles Town woman's home on Nov. 3, said he saw Turner throw the coat into an alley after the shooting.

"Boo's like the ringleader and P.J.'s his right hand man," said Phillip Kidrick, Ronald Kidrick's brother. The convicted drug dealer said he sold about $90,000 worth of crack for the two men in the three or four months before the shooting.

Phillip Kidrick said a pistol fell out of Sellers' red jacket earlier in the day when they were cutting cocaine at Phillip Kidrick's house. He said it was the same handgun police identified as the murder weapon.

Earlier, however, Pace said it wasn't the gun he saw Turner holding after the first shooting. Pace also said Turner was wearing a surgical glove on his right hand.

Turner and Sellers are charged with killing Folmar in furtherance of a continuing criminal enterprise. Witnesses have said some people believed she was a police drug informant, which prosecutors have denied.

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