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Mail Call

December 05, 1997

"Hi. I'm just calling to make a comment. Somebody put a comment in there today about needing sani-pots downtown and they said to put them around the tree. Well, there is already one. Apparently you don't drive down through town. There's a little wood shanty and I suppose that's what it's there for. It's been sitting there while the construction's been going on and by the way, if you're down there you might go ahead and want to try and use it unless they're planning on making it an office for the mayor or one of the City Council."

"Whose this Brad Pitt guy? Is he one of our County Commissioners? Is that why he's getting all this publicity?"

"This is to the people who keep coming onto my farm to hunt deer in Leitersburg. We will have the DNR waiting for you if you show up tomorrow, so you know who you are. Please be advised."


"To the one that threw his tire out on the curb by the mall. Go pick up your tire, you idiot."

"I'm not jealous of the couple that now have seven new babies but let me ask you this question. What is the government doing for those with one very ill child locally, right here in Hagerstown? I have a very good friend who gave birth six weeks ago and her son has been in their home exactly two weeks out of those six. You see, he's very sick. His body is not receiving enough oxygen and the doctors don't know why or what to do about it. He's home right now with a heart monitor and an oxygen tank. His mother can't receive her WIC vouchers and guess why? The great government office of WIC requires that the child be present when receiving your vouchers and her son is not allowed outside or around a lot of people not to mention all the equipment that she would have to carry with her. Even a letter presented to WIC from Johns Hopkins wasn't good enough for them. This family is down to their last drop of heating oil, they have no idea what's wrong with their new baby, the holidays are upon them and then there's the bills from the flight to Hopkins, the birth and so on and so on. And did I mention that the mother had to have emergency surgery after the birth and they almost lost her too? So many people take advantage of the system and here's a family who truly needs and deserves help and all they get is red tape and pushed aside. So what's the government doing for this family? Oh yeah, and they're buying diapers for seven. If by any chance there's anyone or any organization out there who can help me to find a way to help this family please contact me at 301-665-0918 and leave your number after the beep. I promise to call you right back. Thank you."

"Hi, Mail Call. I'm a West End resident of Hagerstown and I was reading the paper and the article about the SPCA here in Washington County. I think the County Commissioners need to look at this group and maybe they could find another group willing to work for the citizens of this county in taking care of the animals. I've had problems with them myself in losing a toy poodle by a pit bull with no support or help from them and then I had another problem and they didn't even show up. So I think the county needs to look for other means to be better represented by someone other than the SPCA. Thank you."

"Yes. Hey, Moose Club, there is a way you can have bingo. Take a box of Pampers down to the Halfway Fire Department."

"Hi, Mail Call. Sunday morning, Dec. 7, 1941, do you remember where you were and what you were doing? If you're old enough, how could you forget? If you were facing military call I'm sure you remember. That's when I got my government job of $21 a day, once a month. Thank you."

"Yes. I'm calling about the fight that happened at Wal-Mart on Friday night. I'm behind the parents that were trying to get the child 100 percent. There should be no mother of a child that won't let them see the father. I'm behind the parents trying to get the child and not the mother keeping the child away from their father. Thank you."

"Hi. A couple of weeks ago a paper carrier called in and asked everyone not to forget their paper carriers at Christmas time and maybe tip them a little bit extra. I have a question. If we mail in our payments to the paper and include a tip, does that carrier know which customer gave them the tip? I'd just like to know. I don't know if this is the way it is or not but I have a paper carrier right now who is doing a fantastic job and I've started tipping them but I don't know if that person knows that I appreciate the fantastic job they're doing. They kind of made it impersonal by the way they just have us sending in our money and I don't know if the paper carrier knows for sure which customer appreciates their efforts. Maybe that paper carrier that called in could answer my question. Thank you."

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